Sliding into the Weekend!

Sliding into the Weekend!

As we slide into the weekend,  I realize we have just finished the first week in September!  I’ve been sitting on my back patio having a cup of tea, reading my email, and enjoying the morning.  There is a soft, cool breeze, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and all’s good in our little world!   The promise of a fabulous day, the realization of  how blessed I am are floating around in my head!  I have the luxury of sitting quietly thinking, and planning my day without distraction, my friends, and family appreciate, and support what I love to do, I have great health, and life is good!

Today is going to be the last of the garden challenge.  That’s right, you won’t have to look at my wonky sketches of succulents again for quite a while!   I’m sure you’re tired of seeing them, and I’m becoming weary of drawing them.  It’s time to move on!

Next week I’m thinking it would be fun to sketch something that has been repurposed  Something you have rescued, and made into something else, or maybe something a friend has repurposed.  Draw it, paint it, collage it, or maybe abstract it!   It’s up to you, it’s an opportunity to connect with your inner child, and that is how we stay lose, and are able to create.  Life is way to serious, and as artists I think we need to have fun and enjoy what we do.

About five years ago, I was playing with my then three year old grandson Connor.  He was  painting with watercolors (it cleans up),  dipping my “long”  brush into “Blue” paint, and flinging it onto a big sheet of paper.  He was having so much fun drawing, painting, and flinging, all over my studio, and into the kitchen.  I realized my art would be better if I too could connect with my inner child, and paint with wild abandon!  Since then, every time I feel uptight or, I’m thinking too much about what I’m trying to create, I recall that magic time with Connor.  He taught me a valuable lesson,  Not to take myself,  or what I do too seriously!  Since I’m a mixed media/abstract artist that works perfectly well for me!

Have a great weekend, and think about what you might want to sketch next week that has been repurposed!   I want your comments, input, or ideas, so please contribute in what ever way you feel comfortable. I’ll be back on Monday!

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Welcome to Stone Soup with Karen Samenow. I named my blog Stone Soup because it's a little of everything. You may find art or music, or inspiration. I'm an artist, a spiritual medium, and I'm always learning more and exploring. I hope you find us interesting.

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