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Color Is To The Eyes…..


As Music Is To The Ears!!!

I’m told that quote is from Tiffany, but I’ve never been able to prove it.

Today is a great day to learn about mixing flesh tones.  Since I’m not a portrait artist, mixing flesh tones isn’t anything I do often enough to be really proficient in it.  But with an easy to follow tutorial, mixing flesh tones isn’t so bad.  I’ve done it many times, but I still need to refresh my memory prior to starting anything with flesh on it.

This video is only ten minutes long, but it looked good, and to someone it will post at just the time they need help most.




A Tribute to…..


Freddy Mercury!

On this day in November, 1991 Freddy Mercury died, and the world lost a great performer.  This little video is a tribute to Freddy whom I have always loved, so today this is for you Freddy Mercury,  you are missed!

And because Freddy was such a great performer…..just one more  video for the road…

I could go on and on, but…..I’m won’t do that to you.


Tuesday Transfer Day


One of the things I struggle with is printing a transfer.  My printers never seem to be able to handle the thin paper going through the print process without jamming it up.  I have a friend who tapes the top, and about 2/3 down on the sides, and she doesn’t have a problem with it.  She uses a HP printer, and maybe the brand of printer makes a difference.  However, I have changed printers, always looking for one that will do all the little tasks an artist could ask of it, and after about four printers, I still haven’t found a printer without its own mind!

The first video may solve that problem for me, and for any of you who might use this technique.  I usually journal when on vacation, but I do mixed media, and this is perfect for adding interest here and there in my work.

Another way to do the same thing with a little bit of a twist.  Maybe one of you might want to use a different way to get the same result.

The third  technique, I never thought of, but it caught my attention because I do love to make cards.  I love being able to give a personal card to a friend or family member.  For me, the cards in the store are so impersonal, and every time I have to buy one, I cringe.  We all know sometimes that has to happen, but I really do prefer to make my own cards.

I hope you enjoy these three videos,  just maybe you can find a reason to use one of them, or even modify to your own needs.

Maybe one of them will trigger your imagination, and something unexpected will happen!

New For Friday


When I am out of ideas or even just tired, and in need of some rest and relaxation I often turn to YouTube for inspiration.  Sometimes I go to YouTube for problem solving.  After all where else can you go for just about any information possible?

Today you will be watching an Abstract Art Demo by Karen Hale.  It impressed me when I saw how she used her colors, shapes, rulers,  pie-tins, and more.  When I started out in Water Color  I loved the look of w/c, but what I didn’t like was how structured, and perfect each thing each thing I did, had to be done just right or your painting didn’t come out right.  That is why I changed to acrylics, and oils.  W/C just didn’t dry fast enough, and it made me anxious, and uncomfortable.  Today I still use w/c when I travel, and journal, but they are small & dry more quickly.

Here is what I thought…

It would be fun to watch different YouTube videos on art.   Maybe abstract, mixed media, or collage.  Maybe something specific you want to see, how about you comment and let me know, and I’ll try to find what you are looking for and post it.  It could be fun, maybe we could all  learn something new, and we can share ideas.

I’m asking any, and all  of you out there in blogging land  to give me ideas on what you would like to learn or see, and I’ll blog it.   Get your thinking caps on, and let’s go for it!

This is a chance to get to know each other better, and share the things we love the most!




Not For The Faint of Heart!

To be named

To be named


This is not for the faint of heart! Not even for the masses, so if you are at all squemish….do not read this post!

Not long ago, I mentioned that I had a new -Grand-snake.  I know, I know…..who has Grand-snakes?   Well, I do!  My kids have all grown up with little creatures of all kinds.  We’ve had spiders, snakes, tarantulas, skunks, all kinds of dogs, cats, frogs, you name it, and I’ll bet we’ve had at least one.

Now that everyone is grown up, and some of my kids have kids of their own, the fun continues.   Even my son Chris, who isn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids…..has creatures.  Mostly snakes, no more spiders, but usually snakes.  Chris recently bought a Blood Python at the Reptile Show the first of  August.  As soon as he got it home he thought something was wrong. One day went into the next,  he tried calling the breeder’s,  but to no avail.  Three weeks later, Chris again  mentioned the snake was acting strangely, and he was certain something was wrong, and a few days later it took its last breath!

Immediately the snake went  into the freezer while Chris researched what could be wrong.  Without any luck,  he resigned himself to the fact that he had a snake die on his watch.  Something that has never happened.  Many people have found snakes over the years, and brought them to Chris.  He has always been able to care for them, and get them healthy again.  But this time was different, and he felt terrible.

As we talked about the possible causes, and what he might have done differently, he mentioned that he’d love to save the snake-skin.  After  calling all around, he wasn’t able to find anyone that wanted to skin a baby snake.

This made me turn to YouTube for the information.  

After watching a YouTube video on skinning and tanning snakes, I volunteered his sister, and myself for the job!  I just couldn’t wait to get into the operating room!


These pictures are of the skinning, and tanning.

We started by cutting down the underbelly of the snake.


After trying to save the head and tail we decided that it wasn’t going to be possible.


Once we were able to separate the body of the snake from the skin it was smooth sailing...so to speak.

IMG_0518 (1)

We then scraped the edges of both sides to remove any fatty tissue.  This will rot and ruin the skin if not removed before the  tanning process.

IMG_0529 (1)

After everything had been removed from the skin, we stretched and rolled very carefully.  It’s so amazing how tough the skin is and at the same time how delicate it is.



One might say this is a two-man job because of the care that has to be taken.


After it is rolled onto a stick, we put it into a 50/50 solution of Alcohol and Glycerin.  It will stay in a sealed jar  from one to two weeks while it cures or tans.  Shaking it gently so the solution  doesn’t separate.

I’ll be back to let you know how it turned out, but so far everything looks great and it all went as planned!

Thanks for putting up with my strange sense of humor, dark at it might be. I told you artists were a little crazy!