Tuesday Transfer Day


One of the things I struggle with is printing a transfer.  My printers never seem to be able to handle the thin paper going through the print process without jamming it up.  I have a friend who tapes the top, and about 2/3 down on the sides, and she doesn’t have a problem with it.  She uses a HP printer, and maybe the brand of printer makes a difference.  However, I have changed printers, always looking for one that will do all the little tasks an artist could ask of it, and after about four printers, I still haven’t found a printer without its own mind!

The first video may solve that problem for me, and for any of you who might use this technique.  I usually journal when on vacation, but I do mixed media, and this is perfect for adding interest here and there in my work.

Another way to do the same thing with a little bit of a twist.  Maybe one of you might want to use a different way to get the same result.

The third  technique, I never thought of, but it caught my attention because I do love to make cards.  I love being able to give a personal card to a friend or family member.  For me, the cards in the store are so impersonal, and every time I have to buy one, I cringe.  We all know sometimes that has to happen, but I really do prefer to make my own cards.

I hope you enjoy these three videos,  just maybe you can find a reason to use one of them, or even modify to your own needs.

Maybe one of them will trigger your imagination, and something unexpected will happen!

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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