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Happy Thanksgiving Thursday


Today I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  There are so many things I’m thankful for, and one of them is all the people I’ve met since creating my blog.  My goal is to get better as a writer, and as a painter also, but the most fun is to meet other bloggers from around the world.  Where else can you get to know people who have the same interests as you have, or learn about things you didn’t even know existed.

Today is a day of Gratitude, and Love.  A day that the only thing that matters is kindness, love, patience, understanding, and the deep appreciation for family, and friends.

So my wish for all of you is all these things, and more.  Let’s feel the abundant love oozing out of our homes, and the willingness it takes to bring us all together.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday Time Out for Art



This is what happens when you have time on your hands, and are too lazy to do anything else!

This little journal page was created last year, when I was having a difficult time creating something larger.  There are times when one just needs to contemplate, and be left alone.  I’m guessing this was one of those times……Journaling does the trick.  I don’t think there has ever been a time when slowing down to do little sketches, or doodling a little doesn’t help relax me, and open up the door to larger art.

Zebra Designs & Destinations sponsors Thursday Time Out For Art, and right now they are having a tough time with the weather.   Waves have hit on the beach of their little town El Matol in Ecuador, and things are looking very sketchy.  When storms hit their little beach  they erode the beach, and the waves get even closer to their homes and businesses.

El Matol needs all our positive thoughts, and prayers to help them.

New For Friday


When I am out of ideas or even just tired, and in need of some rest and relaxation I often turn to YouTube for inspiration.  Sometimes I go to YouTube for problem solving.  After all where else can you go for just about any information possible?

Today you will be watching an Abstract Art Demo by Karen Hale.  It impressed me when I saw how she used her colors, shapes, rulers,  pie-tins, and more.  When I started out in Water Color  I loved the look of w/c, but what I didn’t like was how structured, and perfect each thing each thing I did, had to be done just right or your painting didn’t come out right.  That is why I changed to acrylics, and oils.  W/C just didn’t dry fast enough, and it made me anxious, and uncomfortable.  Today I still use w/c when I travel, and journal, but they are small & dry more quickly.

Here is what I thought…

It would be fun to watch different YouTube videos on art.   Maybe abstract, mixed media, or collage.  Maybe something specific you want to see, how about you comment and let me know, and I’ll try to find what you are looking for and post it.  It could be fun, maybe we could all  learn something new, and we can share ideas.

I’m asking any, and all  of you out there in blogging land  to give me ideas on what you would like to learn or see, and I’ll blog it.   Get your thinking caps on, and let’s go for it!

This is a chance to get to know each other better, and share the things we love the most!




The Imagination of an Only Child

Frances Louise

Frances Louise

My mother was an only child, raised by her mother and grandmother.

During the  depression, money was tight,  my grandma, and my great-grandmother had to work long hours to make ends meet.
Mom being a  latchkey kid, and spending so much time alone,  developed an amazing imagination.   That and her dry sense of humor made us always question…fact or fiction!

When mother graduated from high school,  she worked in a department store. This helped pay for clothes , and anything else she had to have s a young girl spreading her wings.


Mom, and dad  met  at a dance, and slowly the romance began. It was a match made in heaven. Dad a business man with General Motors, mom a  beautiful young woman dreaming of her prince charming. Some say she made a great Trophy Wife!  I’m not sure that was a compliment, but I’m going to take it that way!

They married on Friday the 13th, in December of 1941, and always insisted it was good luck for them. Their  marriage was a good one, and they accomplished many things during their fifty-two years.   Dad always told me he hoped my kids would bring me every bit as much happiness as we had brought him.  As I looked back, I don’t think he meant that in a good way.  We did give them grief from time to time, and both of them being only children, they didn’t always handle it well!


Mother was much more calm about things even though she didn’t have any siblings herself.  She wanted a family and I have to say she handled all the chaos quite well.

Mom had stories, many stories, and we could never tell if they were true or her imagination.  I always encouraged her to write, but she didn’t have any interest in putting anything into words on paper, so her stories go untold.

Except for this one…

My grandmother remarried when Mother was around fifteen, and during the reception someone needed to go to the market to get something  for the party so Mother rode along.  On this day it was raining, and on the way home the Model T she was riding in skidded off the road, and down an embankment landing upside down in the middle of a stream.  This sounded terrifying to us as kids, but it gets better!  The stream was reportedly not just full of water, and moving fast, but Mother could hear the rescuers shouting to get them out of the water quickly as there were snakes in the stream.  A terrifying thing to have happen, and one would have thought both Mom and the driver would have ended up in the hospital, but not so.  They were retrieved out of the water and sent home.  Mom said she was covered in blood as she had hit her mouth on the dashboard. Her mother was horrified, but after checking her over, left on her honeymoon anyway.

Fack or Fiction?

This is how I know Mom!

This is how I know Mom!

We’ll never know, but my kids were told the same story without deviation, so collectively we agreed it must have been true.  We just can’t even imagine something like that happening, and not going to emergency. I guess we’ve come quite for in the last seventy-five years or so… It was a good story, and there were lots of them,one of these days I’ll remember some more.

Thank you for stopping to read my story,  see you soon……