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The Magic of Painting


I ran across this video, and thought it perfect for my blog.  One could say it is the beginning in an abstract course.  That’s true in a way, but it’s much more than that.  I think abstract painting need only be as  complicated as you want it to be.  Most of us over think, I know that’s my problem.

For me, if you start simple, the painting will take its own turns, and twists that are  never expected.  That is what Rita Siemienski claims.  She lets the painting take the turns it wants, and runs with it.  My favorite kind of art!

I think this is a great video because it’s simple, it allows the viewer to slip into their abstract  art in a much more relaxed, and stress free way.  Again,  that’s my kind of art! 

A gentle reminder of how easy abstract can be, and how to get out of our own way!

 Gentle reminders never hurt, after all isn’t that what we artists do……share energy, ideas, and helpful advise?

New For Friday


When I am out of ideas or even just tired, and in need of some rest and relaxation I often turn to YouTube for inspiration.  Sometimes I go to YouTube for problem solving.  After all where else can you go for just about any information possible?

Today you will be watching an Abstract Art Demo by Karen Hale.  It impressed me when I saw how she used her colors, shapes, rulers,  pie-tins, and more.  When I started out in Water Color  I loved the look of w/c, but what I didn’t like was how structured, and perfect each thing each thing I did, had to be done just right or your painting didn’t come out right.  That is why I changed to acrylics, and oils.  W/C just didn’t dry fast enough, and it made me anxious, and uncomfortable.  Today I still use w/c when I travel, and journal, but they are small & dry more quickly.

Here is what I thought…

It would be fun to watch different YouTube videos on art.   Maybe abstract, mixed media, or collage.  Maybe something specific you want to see, how about you comment and let me know, and I’ll try to find what you are looking for and post it.  It could be fun, maybe we could all  learn something new, and we can share ideas.

I’m asking any, and all  of you out there in blogging land  to give me ideas on what you would like to learn or see, and I’ll blog it.   Get your thinking caps on, and let’s go for it!

This is a chance to get to know each other better, and share the things we love the most!