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Thursdays Time Out for Art



How can we ever get over finding treasures on a walk?  I love nature, and the magic it holds for us.  This small cone caught my eye while on a walk with my son, and grandson.  It intrigued me when I spotted it, and my son noticed me looking at it.

He said to me, “Go on Mom pick it up, I know you want to!”

The inspiration for Time Out For Art comes from Zebra Designs and Destinations

Day Eight: On A Path…..without adverbs!



Cheryl & Karen

This is my first photo transfer of my sister and I on a path…  I searched my photos to find everything I needed for this project, and I like how it turned out.

This path is  as you can see….without adverbs!  Or I should say, can you find any adverbs?

Creating For Thanksgiving


The Weaving Finally Spoke!