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A Unusual House Guest


It’s been a couple of weeks now, the peace in our home is defining since my long time friend Ruthie and her two doggies left here for destinations north to Salt Lake City, Utah.  You see Ruthie decided after working several jobs for many years, that it was time to retire and put a bucket list together.    She is a baker and a cook of just about anything you can think of.   She arrived at my door as a birthday surprise to me, with an ice chests of baked goods and lots of love.

My friend Ruth has the biggest heart of anyone I know and she is among  my oldest friends.  In time not age!  The lemon bars are to die for.  I say that  because I froze them so they (I) wouldn’t wolf them down.  I now have a freezer full of fresh peaches right off the tree, and as you can imagine,smoothies are in my future.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the rhubarb cake that disappeared before I could share with the rest of my family.   Ruthie has been Aunt Ruthie since my kids were little.

What did Aunt Ruthie bring them?

Uh,  herself!   I haven’t any idea what happened to the fresh-baked rhubarb cake, but if I’m in a good mood, maybe I’ll share a lemon bars with them…..

How about Zip and Snap?

It was a little crazy at first…Daisy, Zip and Snap got along fabulously so we didn’t have problems there, but our home is under 1000 sq. ft. and everywhere we stepped there was a dog. After a couple days the dogs were bored with the whole situation and removed themselves to a quiet corner.  See you can have lots of dogs in a small space, and it works out just fine.

It now seems very quiet and maybe just a tad lonely.  Daisy is still looking all over the house for her furry friends.  We had so much fun and ran around (almost) like we use to, checking out all the thrift stores and having lunch at the most unusual places.  What were we looking for? We didn’t know, just a treasure with promise….  You never know what you’re looking for until you find it!  It was a fabulously fun visit with promise of more get togethers.  Ruthie lives a mere five hours from us, and not an impossibility for another visit.   Being exhausted is part of having fun, and I’m exhausted!  But….

My heart is full!







Thursday Time Out For Art

"Each Day a Gift!"

“Each Day a Gift!”

Over the last month of 2015, This little collage was created for a Birthday Gift for a friend.  It was fun to do, and I sincerely hope she liked it.  Since her birthday, it has been chaos, and I really haven’t seen her.  But I know she appreciates the things that remain important……waking up each morning, having her Family and the Friendships that we all share!

Inspiration comes in part from Zebra Designs & Inspiration

Excited Dusty!


This last weekend Dusty found himself with a new four-legged friend that looks just like himself! He is so excited, he can hardly contain himself.  His new little friend is a girl bunny, and they named her Bubbles!

While Bubbles is being litter box trained, and getting use to her new home, Dusty is keeping watch on her enclosure.  Between you and me, I don’t think Dusty is going to get much sleep.  He doesn’t want to miss a single thing, so each and everything Bubbles does, Dusty is going to be right there helping her learn the ropes!

Dusty keeping guard!

Dusty keeping guard!

Day Eight: On A Path…..without adverbs!



Cheryl & Karen

This is my first photo transfer of my sister and I on a path…  I searched my photos to find everything I needed for this project, and I like how it turned out.

This path is  as you can see….without adverbs!  Or I should say, can you find any adverbs?