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Thursday Time Out For Art


IMG_0113After waiting for several years for this painting to talk to me, I think I’m ready to respond.  I have always loved the process, and loved the painting, but there is something telling me I could go further….  Just a bit further!

So I’m spending this morning talking to it, and narrowing it down…Should I do this, or maybe it needs just a little more of that.  This painting will talk, as all the others have.

I just submitted a painting into the Escondido Gallery, and out of 1800+ pictures I have, not one of them is of this painting.  It’s very abstract, and basic.  Black,white,gray, and red.

The strange thing is…most of the painting is gray, and the combination of the black, & white somehow allows colors to flash in the painting.  Not just neutrals, but blue, green, sometimes yellow.  It is the strangest thing.  But, more interesting than that, only artists can see the colors.  We are special people aren’t we?

The Journey…