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Working With Oil


Recently I’ve been working with oil colors, and I love them. I love the feel when I paint, and the way they blend and mix. Am I crazy for working with a different paint? Probably, but I knew when I took the copper workshop that I was opening up a can of worms. And open it, I did!

I’ve only completed three oils on copper, but meanwhile I cannot stay away from my oil paints. A girl has to practice doesn’t she?

The painting above is a little practice painting since it’s been years since I’ve drawn faces, or figures. Each time should be a little better, until I either decide I love it or I don’t want to do it anymore.

I’m just going to keep abstracting until I’m happy with the results. Until then I’m onto the next painting.

Thanks for stopping to check Stone Soup out, see you soon.

An Amazing Artist!


I always have been excited by the look of imperfect watercolors.  So when I started painting…with lessons….the first thing I did was take watercolor classes.  Yea!    I soon found out that the perfection that watercolor artists love….. didn’t fit, and so after many years of lessons, I switched to acrylic.  The problem I’ve had for years is that after years of perfection, it’s difficult to break the habit and go abstract.  I now find myself blending everything together into maybe my style.

When I found this video, quite by accident, by Millie Gift Smith, I went crazy……I love this abstract with watercolor style!

What an amazing lady, and artist!  She has certainly inspired me, and I hope she can give you inspiration also.

Artists Hacks…..


I actually got a couple of things out of this little video. You know how things get forgotten over time? Well, This was just a little reminder about a few hacks I’d totally set aside and forgotten.

Robin Clonts is a cute young painter with ideas, take a look.  Maybe you can get something out of this video too!

A New Artist


After searching around YouTube for a bit, I ran into this video, and it sparked my interest.  I thought the artist that paints the dogs was amazing.  Although I don’t paint like this, & I’m not really shure what my style is, it triggered my interest, and I thought you might be interested as well.  I hope you enjoy.

Time Out for Art!



During our trip to Sante Fe in September, we took time to visit Taos.  As we drifted in and out of the galleries, a few things made me stop, and reflect on how they were made or painted, how much I liked them, and how they  filled me with inspiration.

These dolls were expecially interesting, and creative to me.  I couldn’t help myself, so I pulled out me trusty phone & snapped a picture!


Ok, I snapped several pictures…..     This abstract caught my attention because of it’s simplicity.  It occured to me that as artists…..some of us who shall not be named…..try too hard!


I am a big fan of abstract, and this painting caught my eye immediately.  I love using opposites in my artwork……..Shamefully I snapped pictures in this gallery, but wasn’t thoughtful enough to write down the name of the artist.  I do appologise for this, and will make an effort to never make this mistake again!

Thank you for enjoying the artwork, and thank you artist whoever you are.  I’m not copying your work, just admiring it with the world.

Time  Out For Art is inspired by Zebra Designs and Destinations, please check the blog out, it originates in Equador and has  very inspiring posts.

And…More Practice!


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This practice thing is going to be on-going for a very long time.  One might say, it never stops!

I said there were many unfinished canvases in my studio, and I was planning on finishing them.  The more they sat there, the more I started to think, “If they haven’t said anything so far, maybe even they don’t know where to go with themselves!”  So I grabbed a second unfinished painting, and gessoed  over it.  Ha! I’ll show it!  Gessoed over it very lightly, so the under layer of a mix of Quinacridone Burnt Orange, and Quinacridone Gold still showed through in places.  Then the sky came to life with some light blue, and next but not last, I lightly brushed in some violet, orange, and yellow.   That ‘s just the sky!

Now the trees!

The larger trees were already roughed in with tissue paper, so my decision to paint trees was already made.  I just followed through, and added some more trees, but decided to emphasize the bigger trees since they were standing out in the first place.  No big decisions there!  At some point, my thoughts have gone to, “Enough time wasted on this, let’s get down to business!”  While I love to keep playing with my trees, I also want to decide on what to do next, and start something else!

My ideas are all over the place, and usually I tend to jump in feet first, sink or swim……usually sink!  It would be nice to do a little more planning for the next one.  The funny thing is, I love the spontaneity of not knowing where I’m going, or how I’ll get there. I love letting the painting take the lead, with Happy Accidents at the finish of the painting!  The very thing I love the most, is the very thing that trips me up the most!  Is it the planning that is the problem, or is it the subject matter?  Or, am I not listening?

How many of you have the same problem, or do you have answers that I hadn’t thought of?  Let me know because I’ve been struggling here, and someone must have answers….

The trees are speaking……

After playing with lighting, and watching my trees, I pretty much decided to keep playing with them.  My trees are not finished, but still need shadows, more lights, and darks!

While I’m finishing up my trees, I’m also getting ready for another class.  This class will be all day at ArtBeat on Main Street.  This is a fairly new gallery in the heart of Vista, Ca,  that took me by surprise when I walked in.  The ladies that own tArtBeat are down to earth, and easy to know.  They seem to have put together a gallery rarely seen in this area!  It really belongs further south in Del Mar, or La Jolla.  It’s that classy!  So when my friend, and artsy sister said she was taking this class, at her urging I checked it out, and was pleasantly surprised.  The artist teaching will be Scott W. Prior, an artist well known in the art community.

We’ll talk…