The Watercolors Are Finished!

Fall is on it's Way Abstract

“Fall is on it’s Way”   –   Abstract  2 of 2

After months of agonizing, awake off and on all night, and thinking about them all day, I finally finished.  Once I got my right brain working, and started seeing how the acrylic colors looked over the water colors, I began to really get into it.  The first one I have posted, but the last one is the one above and is now finished.

I know my friend will love them.  They are very colorful and happy.  That is really the only way I could work on them.

They had to let me know it was ok to color them happy!

Are they happy to you, or do you prefer something more subdued?  I always love color, color to me is joyous and happy.  It helps ground me, and energizes me.   We are all so different.  Many of you would prefer softer colors, calming colors, colors that help you relax, & possibly help get you in a meditative state.  I understand that also.

Garden Fantisy 1 of 2

Garden Fantisy
1 of 2

Let me know what you think, what you prefer, and even let me see the kind of art you love.   All art is from the heart,  that must be why we are so darn sensitive about showing it.  No judgement here!  I’m struggling just like everyone else, and the more I do the better I get at it.

My son Chris tells me that,  “it’s the journey, not the finished product. ” 

Art is healing, it’s a process, and we always have it when we most need an outlet.

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  1. Karen, these are fantastic! They are so “you” and are clear and well done and happy.. I predict great success and approval from a large audience!

    Have just returned from a quick road trip and wondering when will iI ever have time to catch up and fill everyone in on all of the details from the past few months!

    Keep creating great art!


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    • Thank you so much for your appreciation of my art Lisa, it is very welcome. I feel like we could sit and talk for hours about all kinds of things. I love seeing where you live, your art and your inspiration. I hope you and your little village are safe through the winter, and look forward to your travels, and your art. Lots of hugs and much love Karen


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