Ideas in my Sleep

Memories of Santa Fe

Memories of Santa Fe

The last three or four weeks have been very productive for me. I seem to be driven to do more abstracts. Really abstract….not landscape, not figurative, real abstract, abstract. Non objective abstract! The kind you toss paint at. Maybe I’m feeling a little Jackson Pollock or something, but put a brush in my hand, paint by my side, & I’ll be happy.

If I stop to rest, lay down for a nap, or try to fall asleep at night… mind goes right to painting.  Designing, and throwing paint at a canvas with loud energetic music playing in the background.  In my dreams, I have huge buckets of paint, a huge canvas, and BIG brushes to paint with, with long handles.  Scrapers, sponges, mark makers of all kinds.   Even oil sticks, and ink, I love working with ink!  Acrylic ink is like watercolor, and by the way didn’t I recently tell you I’m not into watercolor.  I think I did.  There are many things I still love about watercolor, but I don’t have to want to paint with it.  I also love to use printeres ink, that’s real ink too!

The piece above is a 12 X 12 canvas with 140# watercolor paper bonded to it.  I have titled it “Memories of Santa Fe.”

Meanwhile, I going to leave you to continue working in my studio, and hopefully not get any more paint on my shutters.

Thank you for  following me, it is special for me to have anyone interested in listening… husband only wants to talk sports!

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