The Worst Mistake



This video is really important to those of us who paint with acrylics.  I have slowed way down with the water I use while painting with acrylics, and  have been using a glazing medium, or a retarder instead of water.  Mixing the fluid acrylics for me is the most fun,  since seeing them run, and drip is the highlight of my painting day.  Remember for me,  when you drip, and pour the results are unexpected and that takes the problem of perfection……there isn’t any!  I painted with watercolors for years, and pouring was the most fun one could have with paints.  When I started using acrylics, I first used them very thick like impasto, later I learned to thin them out, and now I’m glazing, and pouring.   What a journey!

Yes I thinned them out, but I used water to do so.

Experimentation is the friend of the acrylic painter.  That’s how we grow as artists, and when you can stop worrying about how it will turn out, and let everything go,  all those experimentations will be not just fun, but you might be able to use to results as well…

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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