Thursdays Time out for Art

 Barbara's Morning Glories 6" X 4" Deep Canvas

Barbara’s Morning Glories
6″ X 4″ Deep Canvas

This is an interesting technique…..I covered a canvas with masa paper that had been put in water, and rung out.  It’s a bit delicate when it gets wet, so care needs to be taken while doing this process.  I put gel medium down first,  then placed the damp masa paper on the canvas.  I will never be smooth, and you want it to be crinkly.  After it dries, I trimmed the sides, roughly sketched my subject lightly in pencil, and painted it in watercolors.  These Morning Glories were in my friends backyard, and so beautiful I couldn’t help but paint them.

I learned this technique from my friend, and teacher Helen Shafer-Garcia, check her out she is a fabulous watercolorist.

Thursdays Time out for Art is inspired, and hosted by Zebra Designs, and Destinations…

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  1. ok, i am feeling a bit out of the elements, and that’s a good thing to prep me for my trip to the usa!

    masa paper? i fear i don’t know what that is!

    i love what you did with it, and i appreciate the tutorial. i will keep my eye out for ‘masa paper.’

    thanks! z


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