An Art Date At The Park!


Tuesday my Art sister, LaRetta and I went to the Wild Animal Park to do a little on site sketching, and painting.  We have talked about this for ages, and since the Butterfly Exhibit started on saturday, it was just about time!  Can you even get a butterfly to hold still long enough to paint him?  Or, do they fly away, not wanting to get any paint on them?

You guessed it!

They don’t hold still long enough to do much of anything.  Sometimes it’s even difficult to get them to hold still long enough to take their picture!   Them being so shy and all…..  but we had fun!   Rather than telling you all about it, I wrote a little poem.  It pretty much says it all, only a little more compact.

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                          Natures Art Date

  • Off we go on a gloomy day
  • Headed for nature the easy way
  • After we park and walk to the gate
  • We juggle our backpacks as we wait!
  • Once inside we are amazed to see
  • The beautiful plants growing so tall
  • There in front of us a soothing waterfall
  • The water, the birds,I am in awe!
  • As we walk the paths of this magical place
  • We are greeted by animals that have such grace
  • The lion’s roar, the monkeys chatter
  • The giraffes just stand there in a stately manner!
  • It was the butterflies we came to see
  • Those amazing creatures that came to be
  • The exhibit opened on a Saturday
  • I hope they don’t just fly away!
  • With our cameras in hand
  • Our sketch pads as well
  • We’ll embark on our journey
  • So we can tell….
  • Everyone that I was the one
  • Who blindly walked
  • Backpack in hand
  • As if I were in a fantasy land!
  • Without a thought of even a sketch
  • We stood in amazement as we listened and watched
  • The flowers, the leaves, the birds, the trees
  • The San Diego Safari Park!
  • When we rode the tram into the wild
  • I felt as if I were a wide-eyed child
  • This wonderous place that has been set aside
  • For these glorious creatures to breed, and thrive!
  • The San Diego Safari Park is sure to be
  • A wonderful place for the entire family
  • Mark my words as sure as I’m here
  • They hold a place in my heart year to year!

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