Coffee, Tea or Cocoa?


What a wonderful weekend we’ve had!  The weather all over the place;  mild, damp, drizzly, chilly, and warm.  How blessed can we be to live right here in Southern California?  When trying to think of another place to live, there isn’t any other place that promises mild weather, sunshine, and ocean breezes.  Oh sure there is Hawaii, Mexico, and a handful of other places that have great climates, but they are pretty much like what we already have right here in good old Southern California.  So weekends like these –  all I really want to do is curl up by the fire, with coffee, tea, or cocoa!

The clouds are billowy, the air cool and warming during the day.  The evening is damp, cold, cloudy and the perfect evening for something warm to drink, a blanket, movie and fire going in the fireplace.  What could be better on a chilly November night?  My husband Les and I all settled in on a cold winters night, with our dog Daisy, and Kramer the cat.  Wow that sounds a little like we are Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus – well, in a way we are!  Christmas is on its way, and once you’ve had kids they will always be your kids.  Frequently we get them things they can’t justify for themselves.  But now we’ve gone one step further,  we are grandparents, and as such we pick up the slack.  Oh don’t tell me you don’t do the same thing, I get little hints of that while talking to friends.  If you listen to your friends, and people you strike up conversations with, we all help out here and there.  Some more than others, but we help out, and we usually do it lovingly, and without protest!

What happens when your grandson comes to you and says, “Grandma, you know I’d really like to have one of those metal detectors!”  He’s not asking really, just sharing his feelings, and thoughts.  At eight years old, I guess he’s just about ready to start searching for treasure.  The sooner the better!  My brother was about the same age when he got his first metal detector, and boy was he jazzed!  He knew he would find his treasure!  I think that’s pretty special when they can still believe in themselves, seeing that many kids today are starting to get real doses of reality even at eight years old.  Will we buy him a metal detector, or will Santa slide down the chimney with a shiny new metal detector and surprise him with it under the magically lit Christmas tree?  Only time will tell!

There are others to think about also, some older, some younger, but they all have to get  their share of Grandma, and Papa’s magic.  For now, I think sitting all curled up together, just the four of us, sipping our hot tea and cocoa, and watching a movie, was just about the perfect evening!

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