Back in the Studio


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Monday is always a day to do laundry, run errands, pick up the house, and anything else that needs to be done around here.  In between all that, I get to dabble in my art!  It works out perfectly because while being pulled away to load the washer, or switch clothes into the drier, I’m able to think about what is being worked on in the studio.  It works really well if I’m visual journaling in watercolor!  Letting the paint dry is not my strong suit, that’s one reason I love acrylics.  I have been known to put the rack into the dryer, place a small watercolor painting on it, and turn the dryer on low for a few minutes discovering a new way to speed things up!

Yesterday acrylics of all kinds made their way to my easel, and anything goes when the paints come out to play!  As I set up the canvas, and everything else  needed to work on a painting  (all being done on the back patio),  I’d run back into the house to start another load of laundry, or do something else calling me.  When finally  returning to the patio, I was knocked over with the heat!  It was actually 90 degrees out there!  All of a sudden, painting on the patio wasn’t an option.    Abandoning that idea, I headed into the cool of the house to dabble with my previous painting, only to realize it was getting worse, not better!

There’s an old saying that goes like this,  “It takes two artists to paint a painting. One to paint, and the other to tell them when to stop!”  That certainly applies here.  It probably isn’t ruined, but I liked it better the way it was the day before!  Maintaining, “There are no mistakes in art, only opportunities to be more creative,”  I continue to watch it and allow the painting to speak to me.  It spoke once, and either I wasn’t listening, or I misunderstood the message.

Ok, so I admit sometimes we can make mistakes, and they are either  not worth the time and work, or simply can not be repaired!   Since there are many canvases waiting to get their message through, this is probably the last the abstract bottles will see of me!

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