The Continuing Saga

The Continuing Saga

As many of you know, I’ve been working on a weaving with pods I scavenged  from my friend Barbara’s garden.  This has definitely challenged me, since everything I thought I world do, hasn’t worked out quite like planned!  Photos of the project here and there along the way  seem to help just so  I could  see  what it looked  like  from a different perspective,  and how much progress is being made.  When I see a picture of something I’m  working on, it’s like looking at it through someone elses eyes, and many times it becomes much clearer as to what needs to be done.  This has worked favorably  for me in the past, and hopefully it did  again!

Maybe it was the colors chosen, maybe the textiles, maybe even the pesky pods, but it’s been really difficult getting into this project.  It’s a challenge that is much-needed for me  to grow, and I won’t let it go!  What I’ve learned from past projects is this;  it’s usually the colors that aren’t speaking to me!  I’m really a warm color person, and many of my creations are with rusts, yellows, gold, and then I splash some cool color into the project just to give it life, and interest.  This time it’s the opposite, because I’ve used  all cool colors, and they  are having trouble getting their point across.  It’s similar to when the cat sits and Meows at you, and you have no idea what  the “bleep” he could possibly want!

The better part of Saturday was spent playing with textures, colors, yarns, ribbon, foil, and anything else I could think of.  At some point I have to wonder if another artist is needed just to stop the insanity!  After so many layers of really just about everything, finally it started to pull together, and I think, no I know I’m definitely I’m finished!

Have you ever started a project that was a huge challenge, and you almost wished you hadn’t started it?  Did you keep on going!  Or, did you toss in the towel, and decide your time was better spent on something really enjoyable?  There isn’t any right or wrong way to handle this, we each reach our finish lines in our own way!  I personally really dislike it when something I start is getting the better of me, and sometimes, but rarely do I allow it to win!  Those times when I won’t let it go, are the times I sleep less, lay awake more, wake up exhausted, and dig in once again.  This kind of thing could go on for way too long, and it’s every mans guess who will win!

All in all, I did have fun playing with it, but I don’t think I’ll be working  with pods anytime soon!

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