Taking a Breather…

Bits & Pieces 2 - Mixed Media

Bits & Pieces 2 – Mixed Media

After creating several pieces for the last month or so, today I find myself with a lack of inspiration.  I’d love to be cutting, ripping, glueing, and piecing things together, but for now I’m out of inspiration.  It won’t take long I’m sure, but I feel lazy.  This must be a day for replenishing inspiration, and the energy for creation.

Monday is a free day for me.  Nothing goes on the first day of the week, except…..art!  So, I’m thinking of looking through the YouTube videos for ideas and inspiration  in hopes of finding something that will trigger my imagination.

The piece above is one of the last few things to be created.  I have to chuckle at how I start something with the intention of going in a certain direction, and before I realize it, I’ve made a turn, and the direction has changed 360 degrees.  This is one of those pieces.  After dragging out all the “stuff” for the intended piece, I now have to put it all away.  The only thing that was intended was the color.  Yay for me!

If you get a chance check out Zebra Designs & Destinations…  see what they have been up to in Equador.

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    • Earthquakes can be devastating, & I completely understand how something like that can interrupt your routine. Walls can absolutely be counted as painting, & I’m sure when the time is wright, creativity will be abundant.


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