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Flipping” Friday

Plumbers Truck

Plumbers Truck

You Guessed it!

Before we wasted any more time fiddle farting (Technical Term) around with the drains.  We decided to just call a Drain Blaster Pearson.  He was nice enough to explain what he was doing, and nice enough to listen patiently while Les explained in detail what had been done.  God Bless the man!

It took him a while, but eventually, he fixed the problem as best he could.


Apparently we have a crack in the drain pipe, and sending him into unclog the pipe proved to give us little help.  Since the drain pipe has a crack, he not only pulled out the tiny vines, and dead leaves etc., he started to pull out larger roots.  Live roots that aren’t to be in a drain pipe.  So Yes, the drain cleaner guy did unclog some of the drain.  Since the crack is larger than we first thought, he was willing to bring in a camera for an additional $250., he suggested replacing the drain from Point A to Point B also..

Not Just NO, but Hell No!

That means jack hammering up the concrete, pulling the existing drain, replacing it, and repouring the concrete.  Since we aren’t doing any of that before the holidays, and depending on how well the drain works at all, there is no need for any cameras.  Not here, not now!


We are stuck with the expensive, noisy, and disruptive task of….You Guessed It..……digging up the concrete and repouring the drain.  You see, my studio is about 10 feet from  the drain, and if it backs up, it could get ugly.   I sure don’t want my studio to flood.  If the puddle gets so large it’s looking at my studio, my new Hickory floors, or our home,  we will be looking at sandbags.

 I’m guessing we need to get some, and be ready just in case!


Good Morning Tuesday



For many weeks now our drain opposite my studio has been stopped up, and we haven’t done a thing to fix it.  With the possibility of rain this winter, I think we’d better get to it before we have a rainy winter, and are unable to work on it.

I’m certain  it’s  filled with just about everything you could think of from grass clippings from when we actually had grass, to dirt, roots, and anything in between. So finally my husband Les decided he would attempt to unclog it.  Fortunately for me, I’m unable to help, but I can ask questions, tell them what to do, and take pictures.  It is certain that neither my husband, nor my son appreciates me as a backseat driver, not to mention taking pictures while they spend hours trying to unclog this drain!


My son Chris, and Les have worked for several days, and they have opened it enough to get a trickle.  I had to remind them that a trickle wasn’t enough.   They just gave me that look!  Grass that had molded, and mud that had turned to concrete are not easily dislodged, but the show must go on!


I try to stay away, but how else can I possibly supervise if I’m out of sight?  So every once in a while, I can’t help myself, I have to check on them making sure they are working up to my specifications.  They don’t always do it my way…….


We have two main drains in the back yard, and when they are open and running perfectly, we don’t have any problems. However, when one is stopped up, and it is always the same drain,  the entire patio fills with water, and doesn’t drain for days.  It most likely dries up, and doesn’t  really drain at all!  Then if we have multiple rain storms, we will be in real trouble.

How much longer will this go on?  Only time will tell.  Les wants to hire the “Drain cleaner man.”  But mama wants to DIY!  Every time I hire someone to fix something, they never do it right, so why not learn a new skill set?  Clearly Les and I have different opinions about this.  Many years ago when I was able to do more strenuous products, I would have worked on that drain until I fixed it,(and I would fix it) but today I’m unable to do this, and have to rely on others.  If my son-in-law weren’t working so many hours, I know he would be here in a minute and clear the drain.  He has many times helped us out…..happily.  I have the best son-in-law in the world.  But he is working now and doesn’t have much down time, so I don’t dare ask him to fix it.

Who will fix the drain……Les and Chris, or an unknown person who will charge us in excess of $200.  I could do a lot with that money.

All I can think of  is SHOPPING, SHOPPING, SHOPPING!