Flipping” Friday

Plumbers Truck

Plumbers Truck

You Guessed it!

Before we wasted any more time fiddle farting (Technical Term) around with the drains.  We decided to just call a Drain Blaster Pearson.  He was nice enough to explain what he was doing, and nice enough to listen patiently while Les explained in detail what had been done.  God Bless the man!

It took him a while, but eventually, he fixed the problem as best he could.


Apparently we have a crack in the drain pipe, and sending him into unclog the pipe proved to give us little help.  Since the drain pipe has a crack, he not only pulled out the tiny vines, and dead leaves etc., he started to pull out larger roots.  Live roots that aren’t to be in a drain pipe.  So Yes, the drain cleaner guy did unclog some of the drain.  Since the crack is larger than we first thought, he was willing to bring in a camera for an additional $250., he suggested replacing the drain from Point A to Point B also..

Not Just NO, but Hell No!

That means jack hammering up the concrete, pulling the existing drain, replacing it, and repouring the concrete.  Since we aren’t doing any of that before the holidays, and depending on how well the drain works at all, there is no need for any cameras.  Not here, not now!


We are stuck with the expensive, noisy, and disruptive task of….You Guessed It..……digging up the concrete and repouring the drain.  You see, my studio is about 10 feet from  the drain, and if it backs up, it could get ugly.   I sure don’t want my studio to flood.  If the puddle gets so large it’s looking at my studio, my new Hickory floors, or our home,  we will be looking at sandbags.

 I’m guessing we need to get some, and be ready just in case!


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