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Doyley Printing


Today being the 1st of March, I thought something totally different, at least for me, would be in order.  When I was a kid my mother would make little cards out of paper stock and wax paper.  She would cut the  wax  paper to the small size of the card stock, and press on top of the wax with dried pressed flowers in between.  They would be tied with a small bow after using a whole punch in two places, and they were so sweet.  All her friends loved them, and I loved them also.

This is a little different but it reminded me of mother using wax paper to create her cards.  Probably because of the iron.  Since this is so different from anything I have been doing, and I liked the art he created more as a start than anything else, I thought you may like to see this method of encaustic.

Even if you don’t want to try it, there is a good chance it will trigger something in your creative memory to inspire you to go further.  I’d love to see it, and I’m sure if you could post it on Facebook we would  all be able to see it.  Don’t forget to mention my name so it actually gets to us all.  Karen Samenow!

Thank you all for watching, and keep creating……

Tuesday Augest 18th



I might add that I love to laugh, but I really love to paint, so can I add “Paint”  to that quote…please?

The post that posted on Sunday was actually supposed to post on Tuesday.  I spend a lot of time on my posts, and I’m sure that my husband Les could still find mistakes.  So, since my Tuesday post was early I’m going to do something really easy………on me!


Timeout for Art: Fishin’ for Time


Since I have completely lost track of time, and finally remembered this morning that I missed yesterdays post, and now todays post is due.  Being so busy got in the way of my blogging goals.  So today I’m reposting todays post from Zebra Designs & Destinations.  I hope it inspires you to do a little something while we sit here in Southern California suffering from humidity.  This storm seems to be circulating around the drain, we being the drain!  We aren’t use to humidity of this kind, and for this long.  I know it’s nothing next to the heat, and humidity some of you have to put up with, but we are spoiled here, and aren’t use to bad weather.earlier in the week this storm actually brought to us a wonderful thunder, and lightening storm along with a little rain.

On the positive side, the three of us sat on the patio and enjoyed every minute of it.


Timeout for Art: Fishin’ for Time.