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Timeout for Art: Fishin’ for Time


Since I have completely lost track of time, and finally remembered this morning that I missed yesterdays post, and now todays post is due.  Being so busy got in the way of my blogging goals.  So today I’m reposting todays post from Zebra Designs & Destinations.  I hope it inspires you to do a little something while we sit here in Southern California suffering from humidity.  This storm seems to be circulating around the drain, we being the drain!  We aren’t use to humidity of this kind, and for this long.  I know it’s nothing next to the heat, and humidity some of you have to put up with, but we are spoiled here, and aren’t use to bad weather.earlier in the week this storm actually brought to us a wonderful thunder, and lightening storm along with a little rain.

On the positive side, the three of us sat on the patio and enjoyed every minute of it.


Timeout for Art: Fishin’ for Time.