Good Morning Everyone


Since it’s been a very long time since I’ve blogged, I thought It would be a good time for an update.

Much has been happening since I’ve last posted.  I’ve fallen in and out of love with art…several times. I still love art, but so much has gone on, and my studio looks like a storage unit, I’ve lost inspiration.  I know, me loosing inspiration!   YES..ME.

Generally during the last three months of the year my art takes a seat on the sidelines.  I’m usually focusing on the holidays, and what to buy for each of my kids, and grandkids.  It takes a lot of thought, and planning, sometimes even going in on a larger gift for one or the other grandchild.  It is so much easier when the grandkids are smaller.  It was easier when my own kids were smaller.  As many of you know all too well, the older they get, the more broke we get!  I’m not complaining, just stating a fact.

After the holidays it takes me a few months to recuperate, and get back to normal.  (I’m using the term Normal very lightly). Art slowly works it’s way into my life again, and I’m up and running.  2019 that didn’t happen.  Just about the first of March, my oldest son got sick.  We thought he had the flu, so I got him 7up, and soup, and foods that you usually can get down when fighting the flu.  After three or four days I went over to his home, and found him very sick, very weak, and not getting any better.  My husband and I threw him in the car and I took him to emergency.

After they looked at him, he was admitted to Intensive Care, and that’s where a very nasty journey started.  He had what’s commonly known as flesh eating bacteria.  He spent two months in the hospital fighting for his life,  and a year later he is still rehabilitating.  Needless to say, my art took as back seat.  Ok with me,  my son lived when the doctors said it would be a miracle..

Miracles do happen!

To regress only a few years.   Since I was about four years old I’ve seen spirits.  The funny thing is, I was never frightened, nor did I think it was unusual.   I actually thought everyone saw spirits or ghosts as I called them at the time.  I’m a strong empath, again I thought everyone was the same.  But I would get extremely annoyed when people would act clueless, or had no idea what I was thinking, or talking about. Now I realize, we don’t all have the same skills, nor do we all want them.

Over the years my experiences have been numerous, and again I thought everyone had the same kind of experiences.  Boy was I wrong.  My poor husbands!  Yes husbands!  I’m now married to my third husband, and bless his heart, he’s so understanding and loving. He has never thought anything about my interesting life.  We fell in love, and ten months later…we married.  He bought me a new home shortly before we married, and twenty nine years later here we are, still married, and still happy!

Over the last year and a half I’ve been focusing on my gift, and working at sharpening my mediumship skills.  If you can’t beat it, join it!  Since I haven’t been inspired to paint, I am inspired to speak with spirits.  I am finding it so rewarding bringing messages to people that are depressed or in pain due to their loss.  Messages from spirits can ease that pain, and allow them to process their grief.

For many years I’ve looked for someone to mentor me, and help me understand what I now call a gift.  More recently I was invited to have lunch with a friend. She was meeting a few of her friends, and she thought I might enjoy having lunch with them. It was in that bunch of her friends that I met a “real live medium.”    I have looked for someone like her for many years, and never was able to find someone to mentor me.  Here she was sitting right in front of me.  Best yet, she was so personable, and I immediately loved her. We hit it off, and she agreed to see me later that week.  This was the beginning of a relationship that is strong, and loving to this day.

Since then, I have found a couple other mentors, and I work with all three for different parts of mediumship.  They each give their gift with love and compassion, and I have grown as a medium, and am still learning.

My purpose in telling my story is in part to explain why I haven’t been painting, and in part letting you know I will never stop doing art in some way.  Now I’m going to focus on publishing uplifting affirmations along with a little art.

My focus in this difficult time is to always be a beacon of light to anyone needing uplifting.  We are all feeling caged in during the lock down of 2020.  Our world most likely won’t be the same, and all of us will need to do a little reinventing.  Some are more depressed than others, some don’t feel so caged.  I’m doin fine, but the rest of my family feel very disconnected with life.  We still need to wear masks, and social distance, we still need to stay at home.  Things are opening up, good or bad, this is reality!

I don’t know if I’ll change the name of my blog,  I have considered it.  To what, I haven’t any idea at the moment, but I do know,  I need to do this for me, and for others.

It will be interesting to see what Stone Soup morph’s into, and I really hope you’ll stick with me.  This is my story, thank you so much for allowing me into your home, and taking time to read my blog, bless you all!   Karen

More Cookies….



Last Sunday, my grandson Nolan and I planned to bake and decorate cookies.  I had purchased one of those rolling pins that imprint something into the dough before baking and they always look so perfect.   Right….I tried!

IMG_2992We made a real mess, but everyone got involved, Mom, Dad, Nolan and Myself.


After an afternoon of decorating, and licking the frosting off our fingers (OH what fun), we finally decided to donate the entire two batches of decorated cookies to Nolan’s class.  Let the school kids get a sugar high, and not on my watch either!

All four of us had a great time, with the fire going and the tree decorated, it was a perfect Norman Rockwell afternoon!

Thank you for stopping to check in on us.  Happy Holidays, see you soon.


The Divas Celebrate Christmas



Maxine Custer in front, and along the back from left to right….Myself, Karin deBaay, Susan Kopp, and LaRetta Zamora on right.

Last Saturday the Divas celebrated our yearly Christmas Party. Since we don’t have a project, nor do we critique each others work. We do however have a gift exchange.

I always look forward to this because we each work in different ways, and it’s fun to receive a piece of work from someone else.  We probably all feel this way.  At one time we would create a piece for everyone, and that took so much time and energy at a time when we didn’t have a lot of energy and time.

Since we don’t do a project, I decided to pick up a box kit for “Decorating Ugly Sweater Cookies”  from Trader Joe’s.  It took a little time to get everyone interested, but we had fun decorating  cookies.  Quick and easy, I just couldn’t decorate another gingerbread house.

Karen deBaay created the best, most clean cookie, so she wins the prize. The prize being bragging rights.

Doesn’t it seem silly to decorate Ugly Sweater Cookies?  It is silly, we get silly, and for that matter we all believe now’s the time to get as silly as we want.  We aren’t mean or nasty, not even bad in any way.  We don’t have to worry about the elves seeing us do something wrong, we are perfect angles, all five of us!

The rest of us just laughed while decorating, and the cookies turned out exactly how they were suppose to…..Ugly Sweater Cookies!


Since the holidays are so busy for most of us, I’m really, really, really bad at time management, and I have not been posting.  I love writing, but sometimes I’m just not feeling it.  So I don’t…

Thank you for stopping to read Stone Soup,  the Happiest of Holidays to everyone,  see you soon…


Preparing for the Holidays…


Diva Day, October 20. 2018.   I have a group of wonderful girlfriends who are loving,  creative, and very supportive.    When we do get together we try and have a project. We get together once a month for what we call “Diva Day.”  There are five of us and we have become very close, and when we do get together we usually have a project.  The fun part is that no matter what we do, it always turns out different, interesting, and very creative.  Each of us doing something different to the same thing.  Saturday was our day to create decorated pumpkins.  Some for ourselves, some for others.

Here are some of the pumpkins we finished.  Maybe you’ll get ideas of your own, maybe you can think of more creative things to do with them.  If you do come up with different things,  please let me know, I’d love to get new ideas.

Several of them were dry brushed with gold paint, and this one was collaged in a few places.

Fun was had by all of us, but by the end of the day, we were all exhausted!

Thank you for stopping by and seeing what we are doing on Karen’s Stone Soup.  See you soon…

What Happens When an Artists Gets an IDEA!


Wild Poppy!

One day I was sitting in my living room thinking about how to get my MoJo back.   As I wallowed in the misery of not being able to get inspired…no matter what, it occured to me that I had a very large roll of rolled canvas.   What could I do with a roll of canvas?   I know other artists have worked with raw canvas, because I have seen banners of art hanging in coffee shops, even hanging outside.   Can’t I make floor coverings also?

After thinking about the posabilities, I dug through my studio to get the tube of canvas out.  The tube hanging out in the very back of a corner in my studio, and covered in years of dust, willingly hopped out to see me, and let me know it was ready for service!   Now I was getting excited….

My husband, Les helped me cut a large piece of canvas, and in all my excitement I had to  try doing what I had been thinking about for years.  The painting above is the first of my Fantasy Art.

Splash of Happiness was the second of my fun abstract painting.   I’m having fun now….   After that I think i was full of myself and decided to work on a larger piece.   Gingerly I cut a long piece about 26″ X 12″ and painted it black.  This was the end result of my black piece.

A New Day

My Daughter in law came by,  loved it in black, and quickly claimed it for her own.   I wasn’t going to leave it black, however since she loved it so much, I decided to stop while I was ahead.  This was just the start, and I was having so much fun.   I loved the abstraction, and all I am able to think about was how to abstract my art even more.

Happy Poppy was claimed by my Daughter, so I put a frame around it because it was 12″ X 12″ and easy to frame.  No Glass!

Happy Poppy!

The last painting I wasnt to show you I named “It’s Been a Crazy Day!”  It’s so much fun to challenge myself to abstract even more, and because they are on an unstretched canvas, it seems to take the fear out of wasting a good stretched canvas.   Of course, it’s all in my mind, but I have always said, “the mind is a terrible thing to waste!”

It’s Been a Crazy Day!

Thank you for taking the time to stop and check out Karen’s Stone Soup.   See you next time….

What’s On My Mind!



Have you ever reached a point where nothing is there. No Sometimes there just isn’t any inspiration, and my muse is gone. I’m so empty of creativity, I’m having trouble doing things around the house too.
Well this sucks!What to do? If only I could sleep it off. I can’t sleep, and that may be the problem here. When one doesn’t sleep, you don’t function well, and everything you do seems to be difficult.

But since I don’t sleep, I’m going for the World Record . How many years can a person survive without sleep?

The flower above is an attempt at a creative process, one that is simple, easy and doesn’t take too long to paint.
This is the time you are allowed to say, “My three year old could do that!”

Thank you for checking to see if I’m still painting, see you soon.