The Energy WE Share

This is my sister Cheryl, We are very much connected even though Cheryl has passed.

Most of us have never taken the time to think about how we are all connected, but I assure you we are all connected!

All of us are made up of energy, and the energy flows through, and is part of the trees and all their plant friends, the creatures big and small, all people whether they are people we like or people we don’t care for. There is energy in our oceans and the life that lives in the oceans, the atmosphere has energy, we may call it weather. It sounds crazy if you haven’t thought of it doesn’t it?

There is so much energy that we can walk into a room full of people and immediately feel bad energy or good energy. You might not recognize it the way someone else might. But you might feel happiness entering a room, and feel it amongst the people. Or you might feel a quietness or tension in the room, and your mind is saying to you, “I don’t want to go in!” It’s all the same thing. It’s your intuition telling you what kind of energy you are walking into, and it isn’t worth your time to be around people that aren’t happy, and upbeat. The energy we feel can be intuition, or a knowing.

Many things change the way we feel about being out and about. Since we all have been stuck at home, and barely going anywhere during this pandemic, I think we have gotten use to a safe environment. Our homes, and yards are our haven, we feel safe there, and have gotten use to being home for the last six months.

Now things have opened up a little and slowly we are venturing out into the big, wild, crazy world once again. It isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I thought I’d be champing at the bit to get out and go shopping or go to lunch with my friends, but I’m not. I get out to go grocery shopping and the minute it gets a little crowed, I have a panic attack leaving me anxious to get back home and away from people. I guess we are never happy, and the grass always looks greener on the other side. But the fact is we still need to be careful, and that adds to concern.

Having to be home for so long, and being told we have to be so careful with masks, and gloves has put fear into our hearts and minds. This has left us with so many questions, and few answers.

I feel so much empathy for the people that have gotten sick, and their families who haven’t been able to be with them as they either recover or pass on. I can’t imagine not being with one of my family or a good friend as they leave this world. I literally feel their pain!

We are all connected to one another whether we like it or not. But I’m here to let you know that even if you don’t believe in our connection, this connection is what helps us sit in prayer to send loving thoughts, and healing energy to someone we care about that is ill in your circle of friends, or book club. Prayer works, we do it all the time, even those of us who are non-believers do things like talk to loved ones that have passed, or say to themselves “God Help Me!” On a deeper level there is a knowing that our connection is infinite, our love for one another is deeper, and without realizing it we all have a knowing!

Thank you for stopping to read my blog. I’m considering changing the name of my blog, but am not sure what to call it. Next time you stop to read it, It will just be Karen’s Blog. So don’t think you’ve missed it, you have not. Eventually I’ll find the right name and maybe even change the face of he blog. Baby steps is what I’m being told, so baby steps it is! Karen

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