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Each Day A New Opportunity


I’m laying in bed looking out the window, with clean, crispy fresh air pushing it’s way into the room giving me newfound energy to start my day. What will this day bring me? Will it stay cool, or get hot & muggy? Whatever it brings, I am ready and willing to jump out of bed, brush my teeth, wash my face, and start my beautiful day with a cup of coffee, and a little meditation. I know, It’s not for everyone…some people would rather have a cup of tea!


I have always loved the coolness in the morning, especially when it’s a bit overcast, and quiet. When my children were small I would get up early so I could sit quietly with a cup of coffee, and just start my day slowly while the kids were asleep. That was the plan, but many times my plan was foiled by an aggressive little munchkin getting up too early, and reuining my plan.

Today after feeding my kitty Kramer, and letting Daisy dog out, I’m drinking coffee with my husband, but the kids are grown, and gone. The things that inspire me aren’t the things that inspired me many years ago when my kids were small. Now I get inspired by birds chirping, or a gentle breeze in the air. Some days I’m inspired to read, or paint, sketching out on our patio, or take a walk through the neighborhood. Things I couldn’t do when I had a young family.

On this morning with sweetness in the air, I’m inspired to listen to the crows. They are very verbal this morning, and I feel like they are letting me know to “keep looking.” Sitting on my patio, I’m trying to keep looking, but I’m also trying to figure out what else the crows are telling me. In my Animal Speak Book by Ted Andrews, it tells me that crows bring you magic and creativity. OK! Now we’re talking. I’m all about magic, and creativity….bring it on.

Even though I am not interested in venturing too far from home, I still very much invested in nature. For now nature means to me, that I walk through my back yard where peace, & serenity hang in the air. I love my trees, & it won’t surprise some of you to know I even talk to the trees, & the birds. Ok, so they don’t talk back in the way we do, but they do respond if you pay attention. I try to pay attention knowing if I’m really quiet & concentrate, I will hear their answers!

Thank you for stopping to read Stone Soup, I’m really happy to share with you my thoughts, & ideas about my life. See you next time. Karen

Isn’t It Interesting?



I find it very interesting how we are abusing our environment, seemingly without consequences. It breaks my heart to see what some people will do to our delicate, and priceless planet. Throwing trash, stomping out a cigarette and leaving it on the ground without a second thought. Those are only two things that show disrespect, of course there are many other things that hold more immediate consequences.   When I say we, I most definitely mean some of us, probably more of us than any of us realize,but most definitely I don’t mean all of us!  Some of us actually do avoid doing bad things to the environment.

I got this picture from “Mothers Clean Air’ on Facebook.  Everything they post seems to hit home in some way, and I look forward to reading the next posting.

What really grabbed me was the Advise From A Tree, we could most certainly apply all those suggestions to ourselves.  At least I find them appropriate to myself!

I love trees, and always have.  They are stately, gently dance in the breeze, they protect birds, our homes, and wildlife of all kinds.  They feel to me as if they hold so much wisdom, and understanding!  Maybe that’s why owls find their place in the trees.  Maybe that’s why my heart breaks when I hear of the rain forest being taken down for all kinds of reasons, mostly for someones gain!

Trees hold so much mystery, and solutions to the problems of the world.  At the very least, we need them to breathe…..what happens when they no longer exist in enough quantity to keep humanity alive?  Will someone come up with an artificial tree?  Will it look like a tree, or will it look like just another cell tower?

Only time will tell, and I probably won’t be here to see it, but my grandchildren, great-grandchildren, or even their great-grandchildren may be, and that’s sad.   Sad that some don’t seem to really care what our own family will have to go through, or how they will survive.

Is it asking too much to collectively, one day at a time, consciously work at doing just one thing more to stop the disrespect of our resources, and planet. and proudly work together to heal?  I think we can do that, and I think

we need to start Now!