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Thursdays Time Out For Art…

A Beautiful January morning.

A Beautiful January morning.

Part of our morning walks is over several blocks of our neighborhood. The half way point of our walk is the center of our neighborhood, and a lovely median with large pine trees, and even some magnolia trees.  I always let Daisy stop, and sniff around so she knows who has been out that day, and who is missing their morning walk.  One morning when we had the lastcold snap,  Daisy and I walked the hood when it was 41 degrees out.   I don’t have to tell you, I was all bundled up with a scarf, gloves, and a warm coat.  It worked, I was warm, and after a few minutes, I realized the beauty of a cold, crisp morning, and started to see beauty everywhere.

I love the shadows, and remember when watercolor was my medium to, and was learning how to make shadows fun, and interesting.   I have painted many shadows, many colors, but what I finally realized was that I loved abstract shadows.

What color would you make these shadows if you were painting them?   Would they be gray, blue, or something else?  Since  everything  that is in green, I’d paint in red, I think the shadows need to be violet.

What are your thoughts, ideas, or comments?