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When I mentioned previously that I was a “Goldie Locks Girl,” I wasn’t kidding!  Temperatures were in the 20’s at night and 50’s during the day. The days were windy, and dry…very dry. Nights were very cold, and well, we just didn’t go out!   How can I complain when nature is so beautiful, and inspiring.   Although we fiound it cold in mornings and late afternoons, I was still able to get a little sketching in.


I regretted not taking my paints, at least my watercolor paints.  Since it was so cold and windy during the day, we were either in the car exploring, or at the resort.  I stiffened up like a pop sickle just out of the freezer!  My paints would have helped keep me busy working out color schemes, and designs.  The colors in Tahoe were breathtaking. . .  In Southern California we are literally living in a Mediterranean climate,  it’s hot and dry.


Many pictures  were snapped that still have to be edited out, the good ones will remain to be inspiration.



The day we left Lake Tahoe we did more exploring. We drove up to the little town on Truckee, not far from Lake Tahoe. Had we  had another day, I would have loved to poke around looking into the handful of artsie fartsie shops created just for people like me.  Another day another time!  This time I saved money by not having time!

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

The colors were so beautiful I had to make an effort to capture them in a photo, even if it was from the car.img_0449

Just a few of many, even the weeds were beautiful with the sun back lighting them.


As we left the magical mountains, and the wisdom of the trees, I had to stop and take a moment to appreciate all that nature has to offer.  All the peace and tranquility I was able to breathe in, and all the wonderful memories I now have to return home with.


Thank you for taking time to read Stone Soup,  I hope you enjoy the mix of ideas, and artwork I try to express.


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