Sunset in the Mountains 6"X 6" on wood.

Sunset in the Mountains
6″X 6″ on wood.

Over the holiday weekend I decided to experiment a little.  I grabbed a small 6″X 6″ art board, and covered it with a weathered, crumpled brown bag.  As I continued, tearing up painted brown bags, and cardboard seemed the right direction.  After struggling for it seemed like hours, I dragged out the copper……copper sheets, coper bebes,  copper paint.  The list went on.

Why is something so small such a big deal.  Keeping busy is not easy!

Finally….it came to me!   The coffee pot just sat there, coffee grounds drying out, coffee getting stale, and too weak to call out to me.

Sooooo, what would happen if I mixed coffee grounds with acrylic medium?  Would it just be another big mess? a mistake I would regret? or, would I like the results vowing to try that again?  On the way to the trash, I just hd to drop off a small pile of grounds, and the medium just happened to tip over onto the plate of grounds.   I really had no choice than to mix them up.  I thought it would be really a mess, but it stuck together about like sour cream with dip mix.

Now what?

As I began sliding this coffee smelling mixture off my pallet knife, it just seemed to go in the way of a landscape.  Not my intention, but I love being intuitive and not knowing where the piece will take me.

One thing led to another, and before I knew it, everything was sitting there drying on this little piece of my wood.  It takes with it a piece of my heart and soul.  Hours have gone by just watching it, talking to it, hoping it would let me know what I need to do, and the last thing it said was, “I need a blue bird in my sky, and so it is!”

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