Putting It Together…

Woodlsnd Spirit Doll

Woodland Spirit Doll

Why do you suppose we create a project and stop just before it’s finished?

I do this all the time,  I start a project, and I’m over it before it’s completed.  Is everyone that way?  I’m over it, and ready to move on to the next thing.  This is clearly a flaw in my personality!

This is exactly what I’ve done with the “Woodland Spirit Doll” series.  I started these dolls when I was just out of the hospital and recuperating from hip surgery.  They were given all the patients and love,one would give a new puppy or a child.   Slowly they became little people and started to speak to me in a way that prompted me to give them each a different personality.

But, soon I realized they were far too delicate to place on a table or place on a nail and hang on the wall.  They needed protection…a box to place them in.  Now I’m getting into an area that I never planned to go to.  Boxes holding art pieces just hasen’t been my thing…but it is now!



I have put the largest into a frame with glass in front, and not wanting to remove it, I forgot to take a picture before putting it together.  The picture I did take, has a my reflection in the glass.  I apologize for this, I’m sure many of you can relate to this.

Woodland Spirit Doll

Woodland Spirit Doll

This is the first of the four Woodland Spirit Dolls, all mounted into a black glass covered box.  Once I get them mounted I’m finished.  The boxes have been purchased, and to top it off, I have dropped the fourth and smallest box and broke the glass.

Way to go Karen!  Sometimes one has to shoot themselves in the foot before the finish, just to make things fun!

The third and forth of the dolls are not yet finished, but when I’ve completed them, I will definitely post them.

I very very much appreciated all of you reading my post, it keeps me going.  Thank you



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