What Is Tyvek


Many artists use Tyvek in their art, and in unexpected ways.  This is just one way of working with this amazing paper.  Both mixed media artists, and journalists use this product, and I’m guessing if we put our heads together we can find all kinds of ways to use Tyvek in our artwork.

This was interesting to me because it occurred to me that my way of using this product wouldn’t be like this, not that it’s wrong, it’s just not how I’d use it.  Admittedly I’ve only tried it once with the heat gun, and it did exactly what it did in this demo.  Working with it while it’s all bawled up and curled at the edges takes the steam out of my sails….so to speak.  As I’m thinking about it, Tyvek would be perfect for beads also.  Since I don’t make anything with hand-made beads, it’s only a suggestion…

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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