Haircuts all around!



Saturday was the day!

That’s right I’ve waited several months  knowing that the end of the year was the time the Fountain Grass was cut back, and a lot of other things that overtake your yard if one isn’t careful.  Our gardener works tirelessly to make sure I’m happy, and he does a great job.   I’m happy!


IMG_0880The tomato and green pepper plants were pulled and sent to the green barrel.  The weeds were rounded up, and sent to the cities big compost pile at the dump.  All the green waste will get tossed around with other people’s green waste, and it will live happily ever after.   Until of course, it does it’s compost thing, and in the spring the city announces that all residents have free compost…..just haul it away yourself.

Say What?


We don’t do hauling ourselves, and maybe it’s my paranoid self (usually not paranoid), but I always wonder if someone else has a bush or plant with a disease, won’t that stay in the pile and be sent onto another unsuspecting recipient? None the less, I have never gone to get any city compost.

At least now everything looks all spiffed up, neat, and well maintained……at least for now!

Wow, the drains have been cleared, the yard looks neat and clean, and I have been spending time in my studio.

Life is good!

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