Happiness IS Art!






There are so many things that I love about art, the form of expression, the versatility, meeting of new friends, even the creative energy that is absorbed by going to a gallery.   It’s really difficult to narrow down what I like best.  I do know that if I don’t have time or energy to drag out all my paints, the easel, or  a canvas, I can always sketch.   That takes up very little energy, and maybe a little time, but it still gives me a feeling of accomplishment.



If I have even less energy than usual, I could always doodle.  It’s funny how doodling, or zentangling is so meditative, and calming.  They are good at distracting my mind from something that is bothering me, or if I’m having a good old anxiety attack.   Working on a tangle will cure that every time!

When I’m at a loss for something creative to work on, or blocked from my creative energy, I paint rocks.

Can you believe I don’t have one picture of a rock I’ve painted?  I either give them away, or place them out in the yard, and they weather.


Crazy?   Well there is that, but this goes even further than that.  Painting rocks is somewhat like a zentangle, or a doodle.  I get lost in it, and pretty soon I find myself thinking of larger projects, and before I know what’s happening……..I’m pulling out something larger, and working on a painting,  or a cigar box, or maybe even greeting cards.

My Studio should be three times the size for all my supplies…..


I have fountain pens, regular pens, watercolor pencils, acrylic inks, watercolors, charcoal, and pencils.  And that’s just the short list.   Brushes, well brushes are all over the place…short ones, long ones,  fat ones, and skinny ones.  Brushes for watercolor, and brushes for oil, or acrylic.   Do I have a favorite?  Yes I do, they are all my favorites.  And my grandchildren can pick the brush they would like most to paint with.  Usually it’s the longest brush in the bunch, blue is almost always the boys choice of color, while my granddaughter will use all colors.  Interesting isn’t it?

Canvases are neatly organized above my bookshelves filled with supplies.  There are canvases larger than myself, some smaller than I will ever work on, and some are in between.   I purchase smaller canvases at Aaron Bros for my grandkids to work on by the pack.  I want them to get the feel of the canvas, and of course they must have decent art supplies to work with.

I remember when I was learning to paint, and only had student grade paints.  It didn’t take me long to figure out how disappointing a piece of art work can be if the colors didn’t sing.  My grandchildren will never know that feeling.  They are all special, and when in my studio they will have special supplies to work with, and most likely go home with some of them also.


So now you know what happens in my studio.  What about yours?  Do you do the same thing, or do you limit the use of your supplies?  Write to me and let me know, I’d love to hear all about it!

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