Opposites Attract!



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This proves it…

Early this morning my husband Les went out to get the paper.  He likes to read the sports section while he has breakfast.  But this morning, unlike any other morning,  instead of receiving the Union Tribune, he got the Wall Street Journal!


My Comment was this…

“Maybe there is a reason you got this paper instead of the one you thought you wanted.  Look through it and see what it says.”

After tossing it to the side, he picked it up once again.  Meanwhile, I walked by the table, and picked up the rest of the paper  looking  through the pages for interesting financial information, after all it was the Wall Street Journal.



What I learned was this…

While I was reading about the latest in financial doom, which was  more than I ever really wanted to know, Les was focused on the silly section.

Here is an opportunity to read something that usually doesn’t drop into our home, and he reads the silly section.  On the other hand, I had to read doom and gloom, something I don’t have control over, and rarely expose myself to.  Then again, something that is important to all of us, is the battery life of our beloved smart phones!


So this proves it!  Opposites do attract!

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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