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Someone once told me, "That if you saw someone bleeding to death in the street, you wouldn't lay down beside them, & bleed with them. You would run to get help!" As a nurse, I learned to set aside my emotions, & deal with the problem. Many situations I dealt with we're sad, preventable, shocking, & just plain life! I really learned to get over it, & carry on. I still have emotions, but I learned to control them.

In my own life I've experienced death, loss, growth, birth, & pretty much everything in between by this time in life. But the things that get me most deeply are these……

The loss of a pet cuts me to the bone. Maybe it's because our furry babies have a shorter life than the rest of us. Maybe it's because our pets give us unconditional love through think, & thin. They don't care if we have a bad day, if we are happy, or grumpy, they still love us! Even if we know their time is short, & we are prepared for the loss. I don't think we can ever really be prepared!

I went with a dear friend recently when she had to put down her cherished little furry companion. Neither of us could stop crying, but we had each other for support!

The other experience that takes me to my knees is birth. I was with all four of my grandchildren when they were born, & I have to say there wasn't a dry eye in the delivery room. That experience is priceless!! I was there for however long it took, waiting with my iPod, & traveling speakers, ready to play Mozart for Babies the moment the tension broke. That experience is one I will never forget, & was blessed to have been included in.

I'm a "Glass is half full" girl, so I'm always looking for the unseen blessing. However my emotions run from profound sadness, to ecstatic bliss when it comes to my furry babies, & my not so furry babies!

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