Now That 2013 Has Arrived…


What is happening in our house?

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I have to say, we’re off  not just to a slow ending, but a slow beginning!  While my husband,  Les fought a heroic battle against the common cold, he went clawing and scratching all the way to the end.  I haven’t seen him feel so badly in a long time, and he had an event on New Years Eve!  Les plays trumpet in a “lot of bands,” and the thought of blowing spit filled with germs  into his highly shined trumpet was a nightmare!  (Nothing like starting off the new year by blowing germs into a freshly acid bathed trumpet!)

While all this was going on, I am pounding supplements, and other “healthy stuff” in hopes of not catching his cooties!  Holding your breath while trying to be kind is really hard!  I’m not going to feel very kind if I get this cold!  Meanwhile, the house is damp even with the heater going, and I’m curled up on my warm bed with the critters making a whole-hearted attempt to stay warm, and not get bored.  How much reading, TV, and Facebook, can I do while lying in bed without going off the deep end?  Worst of all – I haven’t even been inspired to sketch.

What I am doing off and on, is cleaning up the studio.  Each time I go into my studio to clean up, I realize it is a much bigger mess than I thought.  I started yesterday, and before I knew it, there had not been a whole lot accomplished, and I was mentally exhausted.  So I walked out and decided to come back the next day….

The next day is here…

And I have to at least accomplish a little each time I enter the room.  So, that’s what I’m doing – a little each time I enter the room.  Little by little it’s starting to look better, although I seem to be fighting the urge to reposition things off to the side, only creating another mess somewhere else, and not really putting them away.   My table is now visible, and it’s starting to look less stressful!

New Years Eve!

New Years Eve day I received a call from my son, and it went something like this…..

Dennis, “Hi Mom just checking in, can you be here at 4:30?”

Me (Mom), “I guess, what’s going on?”  I almost said I was going to curl up and watch a movie, but resisted – due to the fact that clearly someone was missing something, and I hoping I wasn’t having a senior moment!

Dennis in total silence,  “You know tonight, you are coming over to watch Nolan aren’t you?”

Me (Mom), “Well I can if you need me!”

Dennis,  “Aw gee Mom, didn’t we talk about this?”

Me (Mom), “Actually no we didn’t, but I wasn’t planning anything, so it’s ok!”

To make a long conversation short, I spent the evening ringing in the New Year with a 3 1/2 year old, and copious amounts of Play Doe.  We both had a fun time, Nolan even said so!   Dennis got home around 2:15am, and I rolled into my driveway around 3am, and today is a total wipe out!

New Years Day…

About 8:30 this morning, my phone started to buzz, and when I finally looked at it, there was a message from my daughter asking me if I was planning to have Sage for a few days?  Holly Crap, I’m exhausted!  My eyeballs burn, my back and legs ache from lack of sleep, and I feel like I’m in a fog – It’s not going to happen today!

So I begged off for another day, hoping she would understand, and knowing at 6 1/2 years old, things aren’t as understandable as I think they should be!  Sage told me Christmas day, that since she had another week off  she had plans for us….. We’re making a pillow for her bed like her brother and I made, and she wants a scarf also!  Oh Boy, I’m in for it!

What are you complaining about?

I’m not really complaining, I’m just sayin’!”  Everyone knows I love spending time with my grandchildren, they drive me in a very good way.  They take a lot of energy, and I’ll need to save some up.  So, today I’m veggin’ out,  you could say,  it’s a me day!

She said what?

Later I learned that not only did Sage have plans for me, she asked her mother to help her pack, ’cause she has four bags to take to Grandmas!  

Boy, I’d better get my “I have lots of energy face on, because I’m in for it now!”

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