Back From The Great State Of Texas


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Dallas! What can I say, and where do I begin? It’s quite a place, we didn’t realize how interesting it would be. I think we had the idea that it was dusty, dirty, and we would see a lot of longhorn steers, and oil wells! Maybe a cowboy or two! We were so wrong! I said I didn’t have any expectations, that was true but, I did have a misconception. Sorry Dallas, I was wrong! There was so much to see there, and of course we couldn’t begin to cover it all! But we did see the flavor of the city, and that was enough to make us realize everything, and everyone needs to have a chance. The tall buildings are an architects dream, and freeways confusing.

For starters, A Friday night service at the temple was new for me. This was a Conservative Jewish Temple, and we had never been in anything conservative! The service was long, and really interesting. The Hebrew chants, and mens choir were quite something. Saturday morning began the Bar Mitzvah, and almost three hours later we hobbled out exhausted and in awe. Again the entire service was in Hebrew, steeped in custom, and tradition, the mens choir was heavenly! It felt like we had stepped back in time, and were privileged to be part of this celebration. Let me not forget to mention, after every event came a banquet of food, drink, and quality time with friends and family! I said I didn’t have any expectations, that was true, but in my wildest imagination, I couldn’t have imagined a three-day Jewish food fest!

Mostly we enjoyed getting to know a wonderful young man who is so bright, well-mannered, and has a brilliant future ahead of him. Talking to him was a delight, and learning about his dreams, and ambitions was very special. The ability to visit and get to know both he and his brother whom we hadn’t seen in many years was heartwarming.

The sketches I was able to do, on this three-day event is Zentangle style, inspired by all the Yarmulkas! They were everywhere, with different designs, and colors! Two of the sketches were done on the iPad one in the airport being balanced on my knee! Let me not forget to add that we couldn’t leave Dallas without another Sunday morning Brunch…just another food fest for family and friends.  By Sunday afternoon, we rolled away from the family, feeling like we’d been stuffed like a turkey at a Thanksgiving Dinner!

Since we were in Dallas, a place neither of us had been prior to this trip, we decided to spend the entire Sunday afternoon at the Dallas Museum of Art. I loved it! This was a great museum, and I thank David Weiner, Les’ nephew for the recommendation. By the time we left, we were on our last leg. Every moment was worth while, and we may even return to this interesting place in Texas for a another visit, another time!

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