Journal Pages for Caregivers


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Like many artists, some of my time is donated to help create journals for caregivers.  This we do lovingly, and generously for the Southern Caregivers Resource Center in San Diego.  The profiles are emailed to us without any names, just minimal information, and the “art elves” set about creating journal covers and pages for the journals geared to the specifications we are given.  Caregivers around the county enjoy the creations of many artists, and we artists get to give back in a way that is both creative, and rewarding.  Lately the pages have triggered my  creativity, being  really quick, and easy to put together.  For me it’s a different way of doing what I love to do, so  the muse works with me all the way!

This month my creations have included six separate pages to be disbursed throughout the journal, and when put with the other artists pages, it’s amazing how fabulously complimentary  they are.  Don’t you just love a collaborative project!  The colors we were given were pinks, gold, and green.  The journal cover was created from a Paisley print by Karin de Baay, a local fiber artist, and my pages reflect those colors.  So off I went to create my one of a kind pages, personalized with butterflies.  I’m kind of in a butterfly phase,  as well as a skull phase.  What will be next?  The worst thing is , the pages are always left to be created at the last-minute, and  then I’m scurrying around trying to find time to finish them by the deadline!  Since we are going out-of-town this weekend, my personal deadline was last weekend!  Did I make it?  NO!  I frittered my time away with painting skulls, creating other things, and trying to find things in my way too messy studio!  This must STOP, the studio must get cleaned up before I give up, tilt it up on one end, and squirt it out with a fire hose!  I can’t find anything!!!  Isn’t that the personality of a Mixed Media Artist that was mentioned in Cloth Paper Scissors?  I’m just trying to live up to an image here!

With the pages completed,  at the very least,  the pressure is off!  Maybe the studio can wait for a while longer, and we’ll see what comes up!

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