Sketch Something You Use Everyday!


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Nothing is more priceless than a newborns’ tiny little feet and hands, or the little feet of a kitten, or puppy!  Each time I’ve held my squeaky, shiny new grand-babies in my arms it brings tears of joy, and hope for a bright future.  Each time I look at those tiny, soft  feet,  I fall head over heals in love with our newest addition to the family!  The count is four, and I’m guessing that’s going to be it, regardless there is always enough love,  hope, and magic that surrounds our  priceless babies!

Today as I was walking, and thinking, (this is when the bright ideas surface), it came to me that the one thing we all use each and every day is our feet.  We abuse them with poor shoes, stylish as they are.  I’m sure most of the time we could do better by our feet!  There have been times when my feet,  and I have had some serious discussions;  they wanted to walk, I wanted to put them up!  They wanted low sensible shoes, there was no way I was going to wear old lady shoes!  Admittedly, we’ve had some differences of opinion, and in the end – my feet won!   You know how that gets to me?

Yes, the feet got their way!  As I slide into “The Golden Years,”   my shoes are looking more, and more like “old lady shoes!”  How can anyone be happy about this conundrum?  Oh, I still wear flip-flops in the summer, and occasionally something slightly more dressy.  Today when I wear heels,” it means a wedge about 1 1/2″ high,  but in the winter things change.  Living on the coast, having  a damp climate, and slate floors, it gets cold around here.  Running shoes have always been my shoe of choice for walking, Morrells’  are really comfy, and good for kicking around in.  But what will this year bring for something dressy, or warm.  It certainly won’t be those to die for heels that all the “younger girls” are wearing!  Maybe boots of some kin… with socks!  Would those look like old lady shoes, ’cause I certainly don’t want to look like I’m wearing old lady shoes!

More importantly, what do those feet that have given me so many years of reliable service feel like in the shoes?  Will they be comfortable, and want to go places, or will the shoes feel tight and cramped on my feet?  I certainly couldn’t have that!  I owe them the most comfort I can get, room to move around so the piggies can breathe more freely, and talk to one an other.  What kind of shoes do you get for your feet?  Are they high, and balanced on a thin spike, or metal rod? Are they sexy, and high fashion, are they lose and floppy, or are they laced up tight keeping those little piggies lined up, and marching like little indians all in a row?  Whatever you chose to put on your feet, however you treat them, eventually the heels will get lower, the shoes wider, the gel will get thicker in the bottom, more cushy in the sole, and in the end  your feet get their way!  You might say, “they are happy feet!”

Is it worth it to wear all those high, sexy, fashion forward shoes, even if in the end you have to wear old lady orthopedic shoes?  You bet!  I had my day, now I’m paying the price!  All in all, so far I’ve found shoes that work, and maybe as I get older my eyesight will get really bad, my arthritis will get worse, and I’ll be sidetracked I won’t even notice my shoes!

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