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Thursday Time Out For Art



As you know, my family and myself just returned from the Big Island, Hawaii with lots of pictures, and stories to tell.  While my daughter took most of the pictures (I’m still waiting for the CD with pictures of our trip), I’m trying to write about the clean air, and beautiful people we were privileged enough to meet.  Absolutely everyone we talked to was smiling, healthy looking, and kind.


Just about everywhere we went was covered with lava rocks with only a few sandy places for the kids to swim, and play in the water.  The upside of that was that the tide pools were numerous, and amazing.  There were all kinds of little creatures in those tide pools, and it was fun to explore.

I feel so blessed that our children, and grandchildren actually want to have family vacations with us included.  Going on vacation with my parents after I was married, was something I would never have done or even thought of.

The relationship we have with our family is a very special one, and I feel blessed to be able to be that close with all the kids.  We actually have fun together, and want to go on another family vacation.

I belong to a group that tries to post artwork on Thursday, more commonly known as Thursdays Time Out For Art.  It is sponsored by Zebra Designs & Destinations!  Since that website is much like mine, I feel confident Z won’t mind me talking about out fabulous Hawaiian vacation.  Check them out…

Day Five: Message In A Bottle


Picture yourself on a very private beach in Hawaii. You have a new beach towel that is soft, colorful, it has warmed in the sun and sand of this magical place! Melted into the towel like warmed wax, you are barely aware of anything around you, but for some reason you open your eyes, spotting a small bottle bobbing in the surf just a few feet below where you are sunbathing. Realizing there is something in the bottle, you look around for a stick to help slide out it’s contents.
It only takes a few minutes, and the note slides right out for only you to see.
Once out, and opened, you look at it in astonishment as you read.
“ENJOY!” But that’s not all, along with this little note is something else.
Along with this note is a $100.00 bill.