Day Five: Message In A Bottle


Picture yourself on a very private beach in Hawaii. You have a new beach towel that is soft, colorful, it has warmed in the sun and sand of this magical place! Melted into the towel like warmed wax, you are barely aware of anything around you, but for some reason you open your eyes, spotting a small bottle bobbing in the surf just a few feet below where you are sunbathing. Realizing there is something in the bottle, you look around for a stick to help slide out it’s contents.
It only takes a few minutes, and the note slides right out for only you to see.
Once out, and opened, you look at it in astonishment as you read.
“ENJOY!” But that’s not all, along with this little note is something else.
Along with this note is a $100.00 bill.

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    • Nice to meet you India, I like your writing! I noticed we had the same story, intact after reading through several of the blogs that belong to Writing 101, I found three of us with a similar story. Of course, I thought I came up with a story with a twist that know one would think of. How funny, I guess we are al a little twisted. Who knows, there may be more of us.
      I love your blog, & can’t wait to read more. Karen


  1. fun! so my mind raced in several directions after finding the cash; how to share the wealth? treat my favorite ‘less fortunates’ to lunch – one on one; one at a time? share with my immediate network of people who make the effort at friendship and blow it all in one fun gathering?(that would go a long way in ecuador for a fun little gathering) …. spend half and put the other half in a new bottle with a new message?… no way would i put the message, money and bottle back in the ocean, but the idea sort of ballooned, and i would like to think that i might do that – and maybe never tell a soul but just wonder with a smirk, ‘who will find the money?’ in the same way of the original giver…
    the very-popular song immediately popped into my head before i opened the post, so i’ll close with a tune i’ve not enjoyed in a long time! it was a tough decision – to use sting’s or john mayer’s cover…. happy weekend, amiga!



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