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A Tuesday Surprise!

First Hatchling

First Hatchling

Last week I told you all about the geckos, and the eggs that are incubating.  Thursday I received a call from my grand-daughter Sage.  She was so excited I could hardly understand her, but after finally getting her to slow down and talk to me this is what  she was trying to say…..

“Mom told me to check the incubator, and see how the eggs are doing, and guess what grandma…..?”  says Sage

“One of the eggs hatched, and there is a little gecko in there!”

After expressing my excitement, and Sage expressed her excitement, she tells me the other egg was starting to hatch also, and she had to go.  I asked her if someone could take a video, and of course they said, Yes!  But, after the whole thing was said and done, they forgot to take the video.  Sage facetimed her cousin, they all watched the second egg hatch, and all the while I sat here expecting to show all of you the hatching egg in the process.

Second hatling

Second hatling

Well, there are four more eggs to hatch, and in approximally two weeks the next two should be hatching.

This is so much fun to be part of, I can’t tell you…  And just about the time I was going to tell you all about Connor’s little creatures, Sage’s geckos steal the spotlight.

Stay tuned for more excitement, and pictures.

Bunny Trails



Dusty playing in the bushes!


I have to update you on the bunnies….

Dusty is doing great. He is happy, healthy,  fun to watch, and to be around.  Since it is getting pretty hot out where they live,  the bunnies spend the day inside the house, and go outside to hippity hop in the late afternoon.  Nothing is cuter than watching them exploring the yard after a day inside.  Sometimes they even run in big large circles to get their exercise.


Bubbles…….well, after three breedings, she still has not had any baby bunnies.  And, frankly my daughter said she had given up.  As it get hotter, all she can think about is fifteen little bunnies running all over their large yard.  I guess it would be like having fifteen three-year olds all the time.  This is why I didn’t become a teacher!

Meanwhile  Tracy, my daughter decided it would be easier if the bunnies could go in and out by themselves, and the only way they would be able to do that is to train them to use the doggie door.  So one Sunday afternoon, she spent a little time showing them the door, and how they can go both ways.  Before very long, they were both going in and out playing a game.  One afternoon when they were playing in whats left of the grass, Tracy goes into her bedroom, and this is what she found…….yep, Bubbles happily perched on her bed!

IMG_0337 (1)

There are all kinds of surprises when you have a zoo, but for now there will be no bunnies…..

But wait!

Do you remember the “Little Gecko Without A Tail?”  Friday, I will tell you all about the happenings in the wonderful world of the geckos.

Thank you for Hippity Hopping by, and stopping to learn more about Dusty, and Bubbles.

Take a Deep Breath, and Breathe



Two weeks ago almost all of our family, and ourselves went on a vacation to Hawaii.  Not one of us had been to the Big Island before, so it was quite an excursion.


As an artist I took pictures of leaves, flowers, trees, and surf.  The colors were amazing!


My daughter had a really good camera, and she took all kinds of pictures that I couldn’t get.  My grandson, Connor had his GoPro with him and was in the ocean snorkeling  with it on his chest.  What a trip!


Did you spot the little green Day Gecko?  The wildlife was abundant, and we all had fun trying to spot little creatures that were hidden among the shrubs.

The air was clean, and fresh.  All was had to do was Take a Deep Breath, and Breathe!