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More About The Geckos

Gecko eggs

Gecko eggs

Can you even imagine going to feed the geckos, and finding two eggs at the bottom of the terrarium?  That’s exactly what happened!  Who knew the Little Gecko Without a Tail would be so amorous.

Crunch The Little Gecko without a tail

Crunch The Little Gecko without a tail

The entire idea of getting him in the first place was that know one would love him, and he needed a forever home. (My granddaughter Sage wrote an entire page about why she should get him)  Well,   apparently when my daughter Tracy, and Sage were at LLL Reptile,  they gave Crunch to them if they bought another gecko.  So of course, they came home with two, and everything they needed to make a beautiful home for them.  Sage loves them, and they really are interesting to study.

Megan the momma Gecko

Megan the momma Gecko

Meanwhile, Crunch, the little gecko without a tail, and Megan made a home for themselves, and I guess someone loves Crunch as much as Sage does.

This is a HUGE learning opportunity, and a great school project!

The eggs were marked on top so they didn’t get moved, and put in an incubator to keep them warm.  Incubation time is something like four months, so maybe the eggs  have been there two of those months.  Every once in a while Tracy candles them, and the last time the whole family saw the tiny gecko move.  At this point the head, arms, and legs are visible,  and still developing.  Since we had all kinds of creatures while my kids were growing up, I think this is exciting, and a great summer project to learn from.

Meanwhile…..the terrarium is just the right temperature, the geckos are feed just the right amount of food, and they get sprayed with a fine mist of water twice a day.  I wonder how many more eggs with appear out of nowhere?

Bunny Trails



Dusty playing in the bushes!


I have to update you on the bunnies….

Dusty is doing great. He is happy, healthy,  fun to watch, and to be around.  Since it is getting pretty hot out where they live,  the bunnies spend the day inside the house, and go outside to hippity hop in the late afternoon.  Nothing is cuter than watching them exploring the yard after a day inside.  Sometimes they even run in big large circles to get their exercise.


Bubbles…….well, after three breedings, she still has not had any baby bunnies.  And, frankly my daughter said she had given up.  As it get hotter, all she can think about is fifteen little bunnies running all over their large yard.  I guess it would be like having fifteen three-year olds all the time.  This is why I didn’t become a teacher!

Meanwhile  Tracy, my daughter decided it would be easier if the bunnies could go in and out by themselves, and the only way they would be able to do that is to train them to use the doggie door.  So one Sunday afternoon, she spent a little time showing them the door, and how they can go both ways.  Before very long, they were both going in and out playing a game.  One afternoon when they were playing in whats left of the grass, Tracy goes into her bedroom, and this is what she found…….yep, Bubbles happily perched on her bed!

IMG_0337 (1)

There are all kinds of surprises when you have a zoo, but for now there will be no bunnies…..

But wait!

Do you remember the “Little Gecko Without A Tail?”  Friday, I will tell you all about the happenings in the wonderful world of the geckos.

Thank you for Hippity Hopping by, and stopping to learn more about Dusty, and Bubbles.