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Happy Fourth of July!


The first thing I want to do is appologise to all of you.  For some reason I set this post to publish today, not the forth of July weekend.  Why….who knows.  I can think of many reasons, however I found it tonight and I don’t have any idea why! So i’m going to publish it anyway.  The flowers are from my friend Johnelle’s garden, and so beautiful I couldn’t resist.

Today is a special day, a day to have family picknicks, & the gathering of friends & family.  This is a weekend we all love to go to a special place to camp, or for some of us, the retreat might be a “staycation.”   For many, fireworks are a yearly part of the 4th.  For us, this year we didn’t go.  It was too cold here in North San Diego for me to sit comfortably.

I hope all of you had a safe and fun 4th of July.

A Day of Inspiration


Recently my son Chris, and myself spent a day at San Diego Botanical Gardens.  it was a trip we had been talking about for months.  As it turned out, it was perfect timing.

There was a nice breeze,  a little cool, and the most beautiful flowers were just  growing there and blooming for all of our joy. Chris and myself were filled with beauty and good feelings.  We were in awe over the vivid colors and beauty of the gardens.

I know many places we live don’t have special gardens dedicated to the preservation of plants, however I see the beauty in even the weediest of places.  As an artist, even dried weeds hold beauty and magic.

Many years ago my friend Cathy Cary, had windows in her home with blue bottles and the simplest of a dried weed setting inside the bottle.   I was so impressed with the simplicity, I frequently do the same thing.

Every time I get uptight about my art not being perfect, Chris reminds me, “Nature is perfect in it’s imperfection!”  Everyone knows I don’t do perfect anyway, so why would I be uptight about perfection?

To me there is something moving about a poppy waving at me in the breeze, i love them.

Inspiration From Nature



Last year about this time, a man around the corner was flipping a home, and was getting rid of plants, pots, shells and just about everything that wasn’t nailed down.  As I was walking Daisy, our dog, we stopped to talk to him, and he offered me the fountain in the front “jungle.”  The yard was a mess, and I certainly understood why he was cleaning everything up inside and out!  I didn’t dare look in the back yard, because I see possibilities in just about everything, and it’s a fine line to keep our own home uncluttered.  I graciously accepted the fountain when he told me it had to be out of there by Sunday….this was Saturday.

I called my entire family when I returned home, and rallied both my sons, and one six-year-old grandson who supervised.  Although as I looked back he did save a large sea shell to take home from demolition.

Early the next day everyone showed up about eight thirty to move the fountain.  I was thrilled because I had been looking for one at a reasonable price,  and they aren’t reasonable!  It was stained, and chipped in a few places, but nothing that would compromise the integrity of the fountain…..and besides the plants will cover all that up when they  grow down.  Earlier this year a friend of my husband, and the man who helped level the fountain when we installed  it, and was nice enough to drill some drain holes into the three tiers for drainage.


Before the storms started, I placed some of the pots in places where I thought I wanted the plants to go and planned on planting when I recovered enough from my surgery to plant.    As the picture shows, I still haven’t planted the fountain as yet, but I’m thinking about it.   It is very close now as I have started many succulents that I wanted to fill in with.  Even the front slope is looking better, and will soon fill in…  Not everything is in it’s designated place however it gives me an idea about how I need to place them.  Some of these plants won’t even make it into the finals, but everything will have a home here, some will have their own little place in its own little pot.   We love them all!


I would call this “Mixed Media,” what about you?

Thursdays Time out for Art!

Thursdays Time out for Art!
The Art of Gardening!

The Art of Gardening!

I think the art of putting a garden together is magic.  Sometimes at first everything looks rather scrawny, but give them a few months, or even a year, and your garden transforms into magic!

Time out for art is inspired by Zebra Designs & Destinations…Thank you Z for all the inspiration you provide!