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“Bunny Tails!”



It seems that Bubbles is now about seven months old, and when a female bunny is between six, and nine months of age, it time to bred.  So off she went to be breed….

Sweet Bubbles was getting a little aggressive, and not playing well with others!  After much talking with the “bunny breeder,” it was decided that this behavior was because she was ready to be bred….and so it went….

Now Bubbles is every bit a soft, and sweet as she looks, and we are looking forward to seeing  her tiny, or not so tiny baby bunnies.  We are told they can have rather large liters, not like us, way larger than us!  At this point it’s,  wait and see.

Dusty checking up on his humans!

Dusty checking up on his humans!

While Bubbles is going through all these life changes, Dusty is hanging around as men often do, eating grass, and hippity hopping around his large park-like yard.  Or in other words, Dusty is oblivious to whats going on with Bubbles.

By the way, if you remember after Dusty was neutered his ear flopped over.  Everyone thought he was sad, and the Bunny Dr. said it would stand up when he returned to normal.  Well, his ear is still flopped down, and seldom stands up.  We think Dusty is perfect even though he does have one lazy ear!

Thank you for hopping by to check on Bubbles and Dusty, there will be more excitement to come…

Dusty’s Digs!



Labor Day we took a drive out to visit Dusty. It seems Dusty had a reprieve, and is now allowed to (with supervision) hip pity hop around the yard. He is a happy bunny because his yard is huge, and still he feels safe.

Dusty's Digs

Dusty’s Digs

Dusty’s new digs are now under the playhouse, so it’s quite large, and he has plenty of space to roam even when he is in his own yard!

Dusty is doing well, he is growing big and strong, his ears are also growing BIG and strong.  I find it amazing that a bunny can have ears the length of their bodies.  Can you even imagine having ears the length of your body?  I have to say,  I’m infatuated with these large lagomorphs!

Now might be a good time to tell you that in spite of my attempts, Dusty was too fast for me to take his picture.  After being inclosed in his own yard  all day where it was shaded, and cooler, getting out was a treat for him.  He took off hip pity hoping all over the yard, and just when I thought I’d get a good shot of him……hip pity hop off he’d go, and I couldn’t get his picture.

Thanks for hip pity hoping by to see what’s going on with Dusty, come back soon.

Day Six: A Most Interesting Character