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Wednesday in the Bathroom!


imagesOur household has always been one  with lots of unusual creatures, and I’m sure  in some way  that  kept the unfavorable neighbors away. Our menagerie has over the years included not just dogs of all kinds, but cats, skunks, rabbits, snakes, lizards, frogs, parrots, and yep you guessed it…..tarantulas!
Now I have to tell you that everyone has always gotten along, and the adventure still continues.

One night very late in the evening, before going to bed, I was making sure the house was locked up tight, and lights were shut off, when for some unknown reason I decided to flip on the light in the hall bathroom.  There wasn’t any real reason to do this, but this night…I did.

There sitting on the counter, perfectly still of course, was a rubber tarantula…or was it?  Getting down really close  in an effort to determine if it was real or a rubber replica, and knowing my kids even though grown are always playing pranks on all of us, I couldn’t be sure of what I was looking at.

I looked at the creature from the front, sides, back, and top.  Still nothing, it was such a good replica, I couldn’t tell, the kids really put one over on me this time!

Just as I was about to pick it up and do I don’t know what with it, I decided to check with my son who was living with us at the time.  Tip toeing to the other side of the hall, I knocked on his door waking him up.

“Chris,” I said,  ” I think Wednesday got out of her cage!”

Chris replied, “Oh mom, she right here!”

“I don’t think so, can you please check.”

After checking, Chris came flying out of his room to discover Wednesday  the escapee, had traveled through the bedroom, across to hall, into the bathroom,  up the side of the counter, and sat right in the middle of the vanity…..perfectly still.  She did all this without anyone seeing her, or realizing she was missing.  How could she go so far without one of the dogs not finding her, and wasn’t she lucky they hadn’t.  Wednesday was  a little escape artist!

Boy, was I happy I hadn’t picked her up thinking she was a toy.  Chris was happy I found her, and after securing her in her terrarium, we all went to bed contented,  knowing the creatures were where they belonged.

This was just another day in the life of a very busy family, with lots of interesting creatures!

Day Six: A Most Interesting Character


It’s The House Wisperer!


How could any artist do without help of some kind?  If we had to pick up our own “stuff,” or do all the gardening,  or wash our own cars, it either wouldn’t get done, or we wouldn’t have time to paint, and create!  I’m so grateful to have Ariceli here  to clean our bathroom, kitchen, to scrub floors,  and  chase the herds of dust bunnies that have taken up residence on the slate floor, and under the furniture!  The dust bunnies have become more elusive since we’ve had Daisy,  our dog.  They  duck, and dart in, and out of sight, leaving me wondering if I’m  seeing things!  Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I was seeing things, they are called “Dust Bunnies!”

Sometimes when we are quietly enthralled in a movie, paying absolutely no attention to anything around us, out of the corner of my eye I think I see something roll by.  Subconsciously it doesn’t even register until a couple of minutes later when, it dawns on me, ”  What was that, a heard of mice, or dust bunnies? ”   Rarely, if ever,  in my life have I seen a herd of mice running through the house!  So out of process of elimination, it must be a heard of “Dust Bunnies!”

Ariceli’s job has increased a little since we now have a dog, and a cat!   It was bad enough to have Kramer in the house, he drags toys around, and shreds our books if we don’t put them away.  We now are careful to hide reading material out of sight leaving me to wonder if Kramer is on the take, you know extorting money from Ariceli for getting us to clean up some of our own mess!

Today is the day we get help, and yes we do a little pick up prior to her arriving.  Somehow, the few days before she comes, we get a bit messy, and leave things here and there.  Our home is really small, and this doesn’t help, but still we continue to be messy!

After she has cleaned all the nooks, and crannies, steamed the floors, and herded all the Dust Bunnies, we always walk into the rooms with a huge sigh of satisfaction.   I dread taking time to slow down while Ariceli cleans, but I love the times when we walk into our rooms and can’t see any shredded ropes, squeaky toys, leaves, or other  stuff lying around.  The house is fit for company, but we aren’t having any, so we’ll just sit here and enjoy the quiet, cool, of a clean house just the two of us!  Ariceli is truly a “House Whisperer!”