Layers & Layers

A collage of scraps

A collage of scraps

These last couple of weeks, I’ve been spending time gathering my embellishments. This really means that I’ve been stamping deli paper, layering the best paper towels, & starting to put papers together so when I start assembling the mixed media piece, I’ll have choices!

Paper towels colored, & covered

Paper towels colored, & covered

What do you mean choices?




Since I’m work intuitively, as most abstract artists do, I never know what direction I’m headed until the piece tells me the direction!  This could mean it pulls together fast and easy, or… could mean hours of agonizing decisions.  This is usually determined by my brain;  you know right brain, or left brain.   The minute I start analyzing my work, I might as well stop.   I’ve slipped back into my left brain, and it’s all over for the day!

Stamps on Deli wrap

Stamps on Deli wrap

Somehow, when I’m just playing with embellishments, in my mind it doesn’t matter.  It seems easier to create something that may or may not be used.  Or, it may be used in part, the rest being left for another creation.   See…easier!

Soaked egg carton, flattened for texture.....we'll see!

Soaked egg carton, flattened for texture…..we’ll see!

All this has been created in the name of embellishments.  Even at that, it may be covered with gesso, or a semi opaque color so just a little will see through.

These six squares, all painted on brown paper, is in part my attempt at playing like a kindergartener!  Will it work,  we’ll see.  It looks a little rippled.  When torn up , or cut up depending, it will probably lay flat.  But, it’s not finished yet.  I’m just getting started, and I never know where I’m going until I get there!

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