The Cold Wax Process


A cold wax, and oil paint demo from Kim Sobat.  I have looked all over YouTube for a simple explanation of using these two mediums together, and this is it.  I hope you find it interesting, and useful.  So far I’ve tried it on a watercolor painting I just finished, an acrylic abstract, and recent oil painting to help preserve it.  The watercolor painting, and the oil did well.  However it seems  to me that it just presents more problems for an acrylic painting.  The one thing I haven’t tried is mixing the cold wax with the acrylic as I’m using it.   Rather than trying it on a painting, I think it might be better trying it on a small sample of watercolor paper.  What do you think?

As Kim’s work continued, I slowly began to see what he was trying to achieve.  

Each time he put another color on his paper, I thought….hell no!   But as it progressed I could see where he might be going with it.  Then as Kim finished it up, I began to really like the completed piece.

Maybe it’s worth trying cold wax again!

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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