How About Those Adult Coloring Books


Adult coloring books have become more  popular than ever for their stress-relieving abilities, but how could that be?

We’ve talked about the benefits of Zentangles, and Doodles, but I’ve never really talked about Adult Coloring Books. Hold on……these aren’t the kind of “Adult Books” you might think, they are coloring books even your kids could color in. It is amazing how relaxing coloring is, and the entire family can do this together on a night that is set aside just for family activities!

IMG_0774 (1)

I have frequently written posts about how doodling, or Zentangling can relieve pain, so can coloring.  It could be that it takes us back to a time that was less stressful….our childhood.  It could also be that we get lost in making sure we color inside the lines, and it looks perfect as if we were six or seven years old. Inside the lines is an activity that is extremely distasteful to me, so in any other circumstances I would never color inside the lines.  But in this case,  I’ll be good, and do it properly!


Whatever it is, all three of these activities will provide us with relaxation, pain relief, stress relief, and much more.  I just heard that it also helps insomnia, I’ll have to try that.  

One more thing, I didn’t post this for a holiday gift, but a nice coloring book, with some colored pencils, or markers would be a fabulous gift for a friend or family member who is constantly stressed out, or maybe a friend or family member  that isn’t stressed would have fun with them also.  Remember coloring is a great pain-reliever, stress reducer, it’s good for all ages,  and some say it’s a way of meditating.

I can’t think of anything better!

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