Thursday Time Out For Art

Summer Abstract

Summer Abstract

This little watercolor painting is something I was inspired to paint when I visited an old  friend.  She had picked some roses, and a few other things, dropped them on the top of her BBQ, and proceeded to do something else.  Once I noticed them, I couldn’t help but paint them.  They spoke to me for some strange reason.

Not long ago, I decided to  fill in some of the empty spaces with doodles.  First it was doodles with a fine point pen, then it was decided to use a paint pen.

Some of the most fun I have is doing something without pressure, and simply mindless!  This is one of those times.

Inspiration for creativity is provided by Zebra Designs & Destinations.


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  1. hey amiga.. so sorry i’ve not been sitting in the cheering section latelhy, but it’s always a joy to see your work. as with others, I LOVE THIS.. you definitely have your own style, which prompts easy smiles.. i love the colors,, theflow, the 3-d effect… so much going on, as well as a record of your memories!

    heading back to the finca, but so glad to have seen this post! z

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