Flippin’ Friday

Camelian named Phoenix

Chameleon named Phoenix

One of the newest additions to my Grandson, Connor’s personal zoo is his chameleon named Phoenix.  At first Phoenix was defensive, and everyone was afraid to touch him, or pick him up.  So, my daughter went to the reptile store, and asked about the behavior, and how to work with this kind of creature.  Once they found out how to interact with Phoenix, everything has been clear sailing…..so to speak.  He is now getting to know the family, and is less frightened to see a big hand coming into his terrarium.


To be named

To be named

The next little creature that has come into our lives is a Blood Python who lives very close to my home.  My son adopted him, and he has the sweetest personality.   Very docile, and at only 8 months old is still small.  He has beautiful markings, and is much fun to interact with.

This snake although a python, will not get large like most pythons.  Maybe five or six feet.  He’s more of a stocky pencil than a green bean.  Stay tunes for more about the Zoo we have going on in our family.

Well that’s it for the week everyone.  I’ve been so busy with back to school, and a few other obligations that I even forgot to post on Tuesday of this week.  My apologies, but things happen from time to time, and it is never my intention to not post.  It’s just a matter of a little balancing, or juggling problem…….with my time!

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